Thursday, September 11, 2014

Apple iWatch – Nightly Recharging

Apple iWatch
Apple had not conveyed much with regards to battery life at the time of the announcement of its iWatch on Tuesday but the company has since informed that the same needs to be charged nightly since the battery life offers about a single day operation.

According to Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris’ statement to Re/code, `there seems to be a lot of new technology packed in Apple Watch which people would love to use throughout the day. She further stated that they had anticipated that people would charge the device nightly which was why it was designed as an innovating charging solution that would combine their MagSafe technology and inductive charging.

Sources who interacted with John Paczkowski indicated that the company was not pleased with the present uptime of the Apple Watch while some informed that the watch’s battery life presently is a single day operation and that the company is striving to make some modifications for improvement, ahead of its launch. Basically a one day life of the battery is on par with the other touchscreen smart watches that are at the moment offered which include the competing Android Wear.

New Dimension in Communicating

Apple Watch comes with a new dimension to user in communicating with their circle of family and friends. Just a glance can convey who’s contacting you and the experience is amazing combined with different forms of notifications with their own unique functions.

It comes with a suite of apps which enables the users to remain active and helps to set calorie burn goals everyday as well as keeping track of the activity levels with a reminder to keep on moving. The need of words is much less since the digital touch features on the watch, provides a spontaneous form of connecting with other wrist to wrist users.

The Apple Watch has the potential of uniting the capabilities of fitness tracker together with an advanced sports watch in a single device which can be worn at all time. Besides, it can track a variety of other activities due to its capabilities of obtaining various kinds of data.

The accelerometer can measure the total body movement and its custom sensor can measure the intensity through the tracking of the heart rate. Besides this with the help of the GPS and Wi-Fi of the iPhone it helps to track how far one has moved.

Device to be Launched in Early 2015

The battery life of this upcoming entry seems to be somewhat unclear since the product has not yet been finalized and ready to be launched. It was revealed by Apple that the wearable device would be launched somewhere in early 2015 but refrained from commenting further on this issue.

With regards to hardware and the pricing, Apple seemed to be vague on the matter and while the watch would probably start at $349, the cost breakdown on how much various model would be offered was not specified. Since its starting offer would be $349, there is a possibility that the high end models would escalate to a five figure price level.

 The Apple Watch luxury edition comes with hardened 18 karat gold while its existing 18 karat gold watches are offered for more than $10,000 in the market.

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