Wednesday, June 15, 2011

QuarkXPress 9 Part.III

The tool "Publisher history" (Story Editor) is to display the text of a page layout in an interface similar to that of a word processor. The text can be read in a different font and a body of the model without affecting the formatting of the layout. The text changes have a direct impact and are instantly reflected in the model. This tool will be useful if the text of the model is very small, rotated or distributed across multiple pages.

The tool "ImageGrid" function targeted for photographers and graphic designers. It helps to create a contact sheet with little difficulty. The tool can import a folder of images and automatically build a catalog with many options for page layout. Each image can be associated with its file name and be indicating its resolution and size. The number of pages will also be determined by the number of images and their size indicated in the setting box.
Leo: full screen mode unsuitable for multi-monitor configurations. During the presentation of Mac OS X Lion, Steve Jobs has placed great emphasis on the fact that many innovations were inspired by IOS. Full screen mode is the same illustration.

Many applications come with Mac OS X 10.7 use. This is the case among others Safari, Preview or Mail. In some cases, this new method is very convenient. We find this type of use that is sometimes the strength of the iPad (but also its weakness) is the possibility of being able to focus on a specific task.

Unfortunately, this method was not designed for configurations with multiple screens. When you activate this mode, the second monitor is useless. It is not possible for example to use another application on it. This is unfortunate, because there were better things to do.

This behavior with every version has not changed. And given the status of the system, it's a safe bet that the way it is managed by mode does not change its marketing.

Note finally that builds succeed, and Front Row is still not showing. Those who used the media center of Apple will have to be a reason...

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