Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apple unafraid of, helping Facebook's Project Spartan

Techcrunch had announced last week the Spartan project, an ambitious project that could allow Apple to compete with Facebook and iOS leaving its own App Store in HTML 5. The site is back on this project, without giving details, but added interesting information about Apple.

According to the site, Apple is not afraid Spartan project, on the contrary. The company would provide technical assistance to the social network to help set up his shop dedicated to applications in HTML 5. Two reasons cited by TechCrunch: Apple is not afraid of Web applications offered by Facebook. According to MG Siegler, native applications are much better, and users will no doubt continue to choose them, at least in the majority. Otherwise, this platform encourages developers to abandon the Flash to create applications for Facebook, in favor of HTML 5. Technological change that is not displeasing to a company that puts itself before the HTML 5.

Remains that Apple underestimated the impact of a boutique Facebook beyond the control of the App Store, however, says TechCrunch, adding that the project Spartan is causing the delay of the application iPad. If its development has taken so long, it is precisely because the social network wants to make it compatible with Spartan.

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