Thursday, June 30, 2011

Was MacBook Stopped?

Recently, it has often been a matter of renewal of the range MacBook Air. But the ultra-portable Apple is not the only model to be rare in the store shelves, the Mac mini and MacBook are no longer in stock in several stores in the United States. The break is far from complete, the Apple Store shows a shipping time of 24 hours for both models. While it is rumored for months that the Mac mini could in turn pass Thunderbolt and Sandy Bridge architecture, the projects on his Apple laptop white are much more obscure.

Apple might be tempted to give this machine to make room for the MacBook Air; the price could drop to the passage of the $ 100 entry level. An $ 899, the ultraportable Apple would probably forget its few flaws, including its storage space reduced. The white MacBook is somehow in the same position as the Mac minis there are three or four years. Apple should probably question the follow-up to this model. One thing is certain; it is no longer the priority.

If the theory of abandonment is credible, it is not the only one. The Cupertino company may very well propose a revision to the minimum with a slightly more powerful processor, more RAM or a bigger hard drive so ... Finally, note that the July 19 return more often regarding the launch of Mac OS X Lion and the new MacBook Air.

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