Thursday, June 30, 2011

Samsung would like to get webOS

On several occasions, HP announced that it was inclined to offer licenses to webOS phone manufacturers and other material business or the public. So recently, his boss, Leo Apotheker, had a call from the foot HTC, it seems that American society is also in talks with Samsung. In any case, what has been said three people at Bloomberg. The Korean company would seem to suggest he phones equipped webOS. If such an agreement materializes, the Korean company would to its catalog of devices on four different platforms: Windows Phone, Android, Bada and webOS.

For Samsung, this would be a way to become less dependent on Google. Asian society is not consistent with the strategy of the Internet giant that is to do everything possible so that manufacturers cannot customize the operating system. This would also be a way to revive the market shelves where it has been very successful so far very limited. From this point of view, the discourse of HP is diametrically opposed to that of Google. The computer manufacturer wants to offer its OS if and only if the licensees are providing to the building webOS and do not just sell "stupid" stamped material webOS.

If HP talking to many players of this possibility, it does not seem particularly eager to implement it is to market both devices with an operating system, and offer it to other companies is a something extremely complicated. To popularize the Macintosh, Apple has adopted this strategy in the 90s with the success that we know ...

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