Sunday, June 12, 2011

Remote Viewer on the Mac iOS

Remote Viewer opens a window on the remote folders on your Mac from an iPad or iPhone. This free utility is the first to BeLight Software IOS. It gives the user a way to browse folders defined in advance of their Mac via Wi-Fi or remote and, when the formats of documents are managed by the system to display the content (images, PDF, iWork, videos, etc.).

It must install on your Mac a server component. The settings are very simple, they give select the folder you want to share and combine it with a username and password. It is accessible from the menu bar.

On IOS, the Remote seeks the Mac server and then displays the file said. Access is by entering the IP number of the machine, or simply on a local network, auto detection.

Once the procedure is self-explanatory, we navigate in the tree of the shared folder and file content is displayed consistent. This also works for mp4 videos, but in our tests - locally - the flow was really not optimal to do in each case and the connection conditions. Finally, the images found on the Mac can be transferred to the album of the iPad / iPhone or sent by email.

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