Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The server for all Mac OS X Server Lion Part.II

By default, the Server Admin application that allowed far more depth to configure the system is not even installed in Mac OS X Lion. One can nevertheless add, and with it the set of tools dedicated to the server configuration that will take place in / Applications / Server.

The Admin Server no longer supports Mac OS X Lion in that which is not managed by the application server. Only certain services, or some advanced options are accessed through its interface. Most users with only limited needs and will not even have to use Server Admin to be a must on the contrary, in more complex configurations.

Server-side preferences are indeed very small. Apple took a big household, leaving only the options that are strictly necessary in the context of use with a Mac Mini Server for a small business for example. The interface is simple, many explanations: the audience for this new application is very different from the Server Admin.

On average, Apple has simplified its system server, but some new features should also satisfy the most demanding users. One example among others, Open Directory (centralized directory service) can now be restricted based on client IP addresses. This is useful for large companies who must manage a large fleet of machines with a single shared directory.

This is one of the biggest new features of Mac OS X Server Lion: a profile manager for IOS devices and Mac OS X. This system allows you to configure mass of iPhone, iPod touch or iPad by simply passing through a web interface. The terminals can be configured as standard (password required, VPN, etc.), But also managed remotely (that is to say, deleted, locked or unlocked).

With Leo, the system is added to Apple computers, provided only that they run on Mac OS X Lion. A network administrator can configure and manage remote machines much easier than before.

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