Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend Calendar HD removed

We learned a few days ago that Week Calendar HD disappeared from the App Store. This calendar iPad took over the native interface of the application by adding many features. Its removal is not motivated at first; we thought it was related to the duplication of functions offered by Apple from iOS 5.

The designers of the application have been received explanations on the sudden withdrawal. As they explain on their website, Apple has found the application interface too close to that of the native calendar for its pop-up giving more information about an event.

The only problem is that pop-up is created automatically by EventKitUI, a framework proposed by Apple developers ... developers of the application defend themselves: they used it as the documentation requested.

Undeniably, this withdrawal from the App Store is a mistake for Apple to be, one can only hope, quickly corrected. We assume that the person requesting the withdrawal of the application was unaware of the existence of EventKitUI and that an excess of zeal that it did so. Until more information is hard to imagine that this withdrawal is a sign of a change in policy from Apple.

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