Sunday, June 19, 2011

iPad for American Airlines pilots

American Airlines, the third large company in the world (612 aircraft), decided to follow Alaska Airlines and replace paper manuals drivers by iPad. The change would allow the company to save $ 1.2 million per year simply by gasoline, manual paper weighing at least 15 kg. Initially, the device will be tested on two flights between Los Angeles and Tokyo and Los Angeles and Shanghai. The iPad was declared by the U.S. administration as an electronic device used during takeoff and landing, the sine qua non for the replacement of paper manuals.

If the drivers are entitled to an iPad, American Airlines customers will have their side of the Galaxy Tab, at least those who travel first class or business. The company has signed a partnership with Samsung to provide its customers 6000 tablets Android. The latest Galaxy Tab 10 inches were chosen to accompany some flights to the United States and around the world. Boeing equipped with multiple shelves also offer Wi-Fi, what casual browsing on the shelf during the flight. The tablets will be specific, we assume that the system will be crippled and we know that Samsung will load videos in HD.

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