Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Apple responds to criticism on Final Cut Pro X Part.III

Randy explains why FCP Ubillos X is unable to directly import FCP projects 7 while imports iMovie projects, "projects FCP 7 do not contain enough information to be properly" translated "into projects FCP X (the connections between clips in FCP 7 are not included in the timeline, but the head of the editor)”. Keep in mind that mutual fund X is a complete rewrite of Final Cut Pro, new software rather than the successor of FCP 7.

To throw away something that worked perfectly and was popular to replace it with something more modern, forward looking, but incomplete spend a year or two to complete and restore functions that were there before; it the "sequence Apple" singled out by an editor, the same sequence as in the overhaul of iMovie, conducted by the same Randy Ubillos. The only difference is crucial for some, is that FCP 7 is no longer available for sale, while Apple had left to download iMovie HD for many months. It is indeed regrettable lack of communication, lack of support from the Cupertino, but Apple is back on his argument: FCP 7 is still there; editors have the time to move on after X FCP familiar with him. Learn new reflexes Luckily Apple seems ready to communicate better, or at least indicate some bridges.

Moving the assembly of project files at the heart of the application causes some problems; it is less easy to exchange projects between assemblers, for example in a studio. Pogue, who repeats the instructions of the Heads Final Cut product, points to the possibility of sharing the project file; if the second editor has all the media, it will reconnect the references of the project file in its media. Harrington explains, however, that this solution is a bit wobbly, and not as "robust" as the media manager in FCP 7. One solution is to duplicate it exposes the project (project alone project with all the references, with only the project files used), then move it. At the other end, we can consolidate the media to ensure that nothing has been lost, and nothing prevents merging events, for example to make a project on a fixed station changes that were made mobility. Aperture has a function dedicated to the reconciliation multiple editors point the finger at his duties, or import from iPhoto's organizational logic as a way forward for FCP X. Of "robustness", it is also about the new function for reconnection; If a file was moved, it can be "lost" by the software. 7 in FCP, you could point to this file manually (FCP 7 remembered the path of the file).


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