Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ripit available in discount rate!!!

If you have a large collection of DVDs and a large hard disk, Ripit is the ideal tool to store all those DVDs to the hard drive. This utility creates archives in ". DVD media" which are fully recognized by the DVD player for Mac OS X. Ripit interface is very simple and has few options: the whole DVD is imported; you can simply change its name. The application is also able to compress a DVD into a compatible version of IOS for example. Mac Update today offers the only 50% discount, $ 9.99 instead of $ 24.95.

iStat Menus prepares for the arrival of new Mac OS X Lion. The latest version of this utility that displays in the menu bar of Mac OS X more information about the Mac improves its compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7, but the publisher did not specify what's new.

Default Folder X overrides the windows open and save files in Mac OS X to add their many functions. This utility changes to the system; it was not compatible with Mac OS X Lion. This new version is beginning to be compatible with the new cat from Apple, even if there are many bugs and if the functions are all present. This version also adds some multi touch gestures, and fixes many bugs.

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