Sunday, June 26, 2011

LaCie CloudBox

Before the announcements at Apple developer conference (WWDC), there was talk of a Time Capsule that can bridge the gap between the Mac and the cloud. We imagined such as Time Machine backups stored on the Time Capsule will be transferred gradually to Apple's servers in the background without the computer having to be permanently lit.

If you dream of such a feature, then the LaCie CloudBox you might be interested. This is a 100 GB NAS specialist backup. Once your data stored on this device, they are automatically transferred in the background Wuala, the online backup LaCie. The system supports version management. When backups are transferred from the Cloudbox, is encrypted 128-bit AES.

Once the data online, users can access them from anywhere and this from an iPhone for example. The Cloudbox will be sold $ 200 and will include a trial period of one year Wuala with 100 GB of storage space. Thereafter, the subscription will be charged $ 100 per year.

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