Friday, June 10, 2011

Testing the iMac 27 "2.7 GHz Quad Core i5 Part.IV

Other option is the storage media. For 150 € you will grow to 2 TB of hard drive (150 €) or we may prefer only SSD storage with 256 GB (500 €). It is however very little in terms of storage for a high rate, especially if one collects photos and video. The more affluent will have the option to combine a hard disk with a SSD, which will host the system and applications (marriage of storage capacity and speed of execution) but must pay dearly again. Has 600 € to 1 TB + 256 GB SSD or 700 € for 2 TB + 256 GB SSD. These two combinations also currently lead delivery times higher, 4 to 6 weeks.

Finally, the choice is given (without influence on the final price) for a wired keyboard (with numeric keypad) or wireless (without keypad), a wired mouse or touches the Magic Mouse and Bluetooth or the touchpad and wireless Trackpad Magic. If we want both the Magic Mouse and Trackpad Magic, count an additional 69 €.

€ 200 separates this iMac model just below the screen with 21.5 ". On the essential characteristics, they are identical. To work with an iMac 27" (Core i7 Quad) since 2009 it is difficult to find complain about this diagonal screen. Some may find the unnecessary or cumbersome. It is true that this declination iMac does not accommodate a small office and there must be a minimum of recoil. In summary, if your budget allows and that the 27 "does not scare you, no hesitation in having this machine is a small bomb. Otherwise, the 21.5" reconcile more affordable prices (1149 and 1449 €) to possibly inflate the memory or hard drive) with quite satisfactory performance.

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