Friday, June 10, 2011

250 new features of Mac OS X Lion Part.IV

Some discrete improvements in Spotlight, the search built into Leo. First, you can search the Internet and Wikipedia directly from Spotlight. Then two changes on the hit list: you can drag and drop from the menu and you can get a preview with Quick Look all elements with a simple mouseover.

Mac OS X Lion facilitates migration from Windows: the system not only collects the personal papers, but also contacts, calendars and mail accounts, but still photos. Many other changes are emerging as a new submission for the module About This Mac, four new languages (Arabic, Czech, Turkish and Hungarian), managing more content for Quick Look, the appearance of definitions from the dictionary with a double gap in a word ...

About this mac
Among the new more anecdotal note still a full-screen mode for the game of chess that always accompanies the system. More interestingly, we have already mentioned the Mac App Store, instant notifications of IOS are introduced in Mac OS X.

The general interface is evolving with the ability to resize a window from any side, or scroll bars disappear when the default does not scroll the content.

Some news too, with a more modern terminal (full screen and more options for appearance), but also more sophisticated controls on the statutes and improved support for drag and drop.

Several additions to Mac OS X Lion on the text, often additions from IOS. Taking a letter supported, we obtain immediately the corresponding accented characters.

Mac OS X also adds Lion iOS corrections, but the system automatically changes the language according to context. More anecdotally, Emoji IOS are emerging, the default font collection grows and new languages are supported.

The application of text default Mac OS X starts to taste the Lion with the support of full screen, automatic backups and versions. TextEdit also contains a new formatting toolbar, a search and support of Eye for attachments.

Time Machine
In Leo, Time Machine can backup to local hard disk when the external drive dedicated to the backup is not. It can also encrypt backups.

Mac OS X Leo is hosting a new preferences panel dedicated to privacy, including management of geolocation in applications, or even sending a crash report. An icon also appears in the menu bar when an application locates the Mac.

This new feature is Time Machine a finer scale of a document. The application automatically saves each version and then presents the previous versions in an interface simple to use. We can then recover deleted items using copy / paste and constantly compare the current version and previous versions. In the event of the document, only the final version will be shared (read: Mac OS X Leo: Time Machine and insight into local versions).

Xsan system is directly integrated with Leo and allows any Mac to access an Xsan volume. A new preference panel appeared to manage these particular volumes and Lion supports standard ALUA.

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