Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Apple responds to criticism on Final Cut Pro X Part.IV

FCP X assigns each file a unique identifier and can find it automatically, thus avoiding errors (FCP X to a SQL database each file with its ID). Harrington raises an objection: if the file in question was changed, it can again be lost. It seems that FCP X is able to track changes and therefore never lose a file, with this flexible by base. FCP X indeed completely reverses the management of the media: it is no longer a structure to mimic folders / files, but to add meaning to management. So now Apple is resting on a system of keywords; applied to the media, they can organize them into smart collections. The files are thus more structural units, but the semantic units: Drag a media applied to it in a folder that keyword.

Rich Harrington claims to have fewer opportunities to customize the view. Its technical director, he, loves, "it's like to have Google search for my project, it's faster and you can sort the media that any arrangement of keywords and phrases.”On this point, it seems we will have to make new habits. Automatic backup ... almost X Final Cut Pro automatically saves the changes on the fly. If several editors applaud the Auto-Save, others see a number of problems; it is impossible to create "branches" of backups is to say different versions of the state assembly, for adapt to the wishes of the client. On this point, the precise operation of FCP in OS X Leo X must be specified; Versions should create a timeline of all the different versions of a project. We could cite many problematic features, but some cited here show the magnitude of the task.

The core problem is the ability of Apple to communicate, assist and reassure customers. X with FCP, the Cupertino Company makes choices clear; for many, FCP 7 will remain for a long time a weapon of choice. Apple seems ready to add functions to FCP X from user feedback: the heart of FCP X allows the application to be updated quickly in small steps. Thus, multicam editing and XML support will be incorporated through minor updates. X FCP seems to contain the seeds of many promises. The question is whether Apple will manage to hold them fast enough to convince.

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