Friday, June 10, 2011

250 new features of Mac OS X Lion Part.I

Following the opening keynote of WWDC 2011, Apple has posted on its website a long list of 250 new features for the next update of its system. Some innovations were already known thanks to the Developer Preview of the system, some others were not yet known. A Quick overview of all the new features here.

VoiceOver has 23 votes in many languages and we can even download new high-quality voice in the ad hoc panel preference. Leo also supports Braille, you can zoom in on an image only (the rest of the screen remains unchanged), the cursor is defined more and Apple has added a new mode drag and drop where you select the original item and point of destination and the system does the rest.

Accessibility lion voice
To simplify the sharing of documents, airdrop integrates seamlessly Finder Lion. The feature requires no configuration, just click on the icon to see immediately compatible computers on their network and send a file or folder. The transfers are secure (encryption in TLS), a firewall is automatically created and you keep control of operations (confirmation that you accept the file, possible cancellation of the transfer).

Overview of the many innovations have already been outlined MacGeneration.

The scripting language is not abandon Apple with Leo. The AppleScript editor contains some innovations, such as templates to quickly create a script linked to a rule by example. You can create applets Cocoa (AppleScript Studio to replace what?), Create scripts which focus on an application ...

Auto Save
Auto SaveCette function automatically saves the documents, everything is done transparently and automatically, even if you can duplicate a file or a block from the menu that will appear in the final version in the filename.


Automator can now change a process to move from one process to service a plug-in printing for example. The application manages versions and Auto Save, new Automator actions appear in Lion, in particular to manage RTF files.

Address Book
Besides a new interface, Address Book Lion improves its synchronization with Yahoo, it offers access to photos in iPhoto to complete the address book, it allows FaceTime to initiate a call or add birthdays without year.

Mac OS X LionDistribution
Mac OS X Lion abandons the physical medium. The next version of Apple's system will only be sold on the Mac App Store for € 23.99. We can install on any Mac with an account authorized iTunes Store.

The video chat application is built into Apple's Mac OS X Lion. Little new from what we already knew, except the addition of an expected full screen.

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