Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mac OS X Lion New revolution ahead Part.III

Again Apple wanted to streamline the Airdrop, which allows exchanging files with Mac nearby, without configuration and without any Wi-Fi network; however, this method gives a semblance of consistency to the file, so that everything in Lion pushes the use of IOS as: applications become points of access to their own files, for a presentation as a library.

This mode of use has had some detractors, not unreasonably given the way so far, management of files for each application was made in iOS iTunes. Again icloud addresses this problem and provides a consistent solution: the file no longer exists. Those who demanded a Finder IOS will be for free: the concept itself has become simply obsolete. It remains to propose a way to exchange files with other users on how to easily Airdrop of IOS.

And it took many steps to arrive at the disappearance of the file as we have always known. These functions are direct descendants of Time Machine, but also Spotlight: it is the search for metadata that is likely to make navigation file obsolete term. Integrated with facial recognition photos can do research on the content of images them, without having to remember the name and location of the jpeg. Various teams are currently working on generic object recognition in images.

But Apple is not his first attempt. In 1995, she tried to redefine the boundaries between applications and files with OpenDoc, which allowed the use of application functionality scattered within a single document. Certainly, there was no question at that time to end the file, Apple still had tried a different approach, which proved unsuccessful, and to which he was terminated shortly after the return of Steve Jobs at Apple, then as special adviser Gil Amelio.

Still, for users of Mac OS X, there will be definitely a before and after Leo. In the future, you may rethink the way you currently manage your files with some amusement.

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