Monday, June 27, 2011

Apple more aggressively against the jailbreak with iOS 5

With iOS 5, Apple would have become more aggressive in the struggle between the supporters of the jailbreak. Recently, Apple seemed rather free rein and let teams do their job jailbreak: iOS 5 has been unbridled and Apple has dug some ideas in the world of jailbreak for the new version of its system.

If one could think that Apple turned a blind eye and allowed, he is not. According to the Dev Team, Apple has stuck with the possibility of iOS 5 go back and install an older version of IOS. This is useful in the world of jailbreak; it facilitates the return to a previous version, a practical procedure in case of problems with an update including IOS. With iOS 5, Apple could easily block the back. The jailbreak tethered (the terminal cannot restart without the computer) will always be possible, but not the jailbreak not tethered.

The Dev-Team does not despair of finding a solution to counter this deadlock, but until the release of the final version, the group will not publish anything before then.

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