Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apple wants serial number to Install Mac OS X Lion

To install Mac OS X Lion, it is imperative to be connected to the Internet. It was unclear why Apple was keen to see that the Mac is online. With DP4, Apple is no longer hidden. If you need to reinstall for one reason or another the system and you are offline, the following message appears.

For some reason, Apple apparently wants to get the serial number of your computer so you can restore it. This behavior if it were to be confirmed in the final version of Leo is relatively new, at least for the client version. Apple has long used a system of serial numbers for Mac OS X Server.

Finally, as one can understand the discipline need to be connected to install Leo, as it can be difficult in the case of a restore. You do not always choose when your Mac crashes. And this can occur miles away from a connection to the net.

On reflection, it is not impossible that such verification takes place through Find my Mac to ensure that the computer in question has not been stolen.

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