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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Facebook Launches Its Complementary Newsfeed Page on iOS Devices

Rocket icon
The dedicated team behind Facebook is always in the process of creating a great user experience through innovation. For some Facebook users the addition of a new ‘rocket icon’ may have raised eyebrows as to what it could possibly be. Although Facebook page has featured news feed icon, the rocket icon is another addition to that concept. What the rocket icon does is provide users second news feed page that directly link to stories, blogs, feeds, photographs, and such from various other sources that you may have missed.

The ‘rocket icon’

The intention here by the developers, was to enhance the already present newsfeed feature by adding this second rocket icon. The second icon basically, links many other sources of text and images relating to an item or subject you were looking at.

The position where this icon appears is dependent on the operating software of the device. Devices are primarily operated by iOS or Android, which decides the icon’s appearance on the top or bottom. However, Facebook has not yet confirmed this to be a permanent feature of this popular social media platform. It is currently experimenting on presenting a substitute News Feed page.

This secondary page will consist of videos, photos, articles, and posts from a variety of sources, even those that are not followed by the user.

Available through an update 

This new ‘rocket icon’ is available on both Android and iOS apps, and this secondary news feed displays content chosen by Facebook for the user. A spokesperson of the company recently stated that it is going to be a complementary feed of trending photos, videos and articles, but will be customized for each person.

This means that no two users will have the same content displaying on the ‘rocket icon’ page. Now, that’s definitely something Facebook has never attempted before. It is recent in the tweaks and changes Facebook has made and this has got people thinking over what else the company has planned.

Experimenting with new feature 

The company has a history of experimenting with new and improved features and if these tests become successful, the features are finalized. The ‘rocket icon’ is a completely new Facebook feature, and only after testing the popularity, will it be finalized.

This new feature is similar to Instagram’s explore page, which displays content that the user has not expressly liked, but might be interested in. however, the company believes that this new venture will be successful as many Facebook users recently have been in the asking for something new and exciting.

All the contents displayed on the ‘rocket ship’ newsfeed will be similar to the pages that the users have already liked. It will also showcase contents that are trending in the social media world, and things that are popular amongst your friends.

However, this is not something completely new, as Facebook has already tested this format using a small square icon, that was only available for Android Beta users. The rocket icon is not a limited version and is available on all devices operating on iOS and Android.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Facebook is talking with Apple about " Facebook Home" integration

In recent weeks, Facebook made massive headlines for its new Android interface Facebook Home. The openness of the system made it possible for the social network to push its own interface on Android over it. Facebook for iOS also would like to be home offered. However, iOS is a completely closed system which does not provide the opportunities. That's why Zuckerberg said little later in an interview that Facebook needs to speak with Apple and Android integration is much better in the relationship. These discussions seem to take place now. Bloomberg reported that Facebook and Apple negotiate an integration of Facebook home on iOS. According to the Facebook source from Apple representatives have the technology already paraded around home.

Both companies were in negotiations and a result is not yet in sight. But what apparently is foreseeable that Home cannot come in the full version on the iPhone or iPad. It will probably run out the fact that only some of the functions and a bit of design in iOS. Facebook developed an alternative lock screen for iOS. It could also be published under a different name. Always Facebook and Apple have a difficult relationship behind. So there was always conflict between the two companies, as an integration of the social network might look like practically in iOS. With iOS 6 for the first time is a deep Facebook integration present in the system, which comes at no extra app needed for.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Facebook Unveils New Profile

On the occasion of the conference, Facebook unveiled its new social platform. They focus on the ease of access to content, sharing, and discovery. Profile, the center of Facebook since its inception, disappears: it gives way to a timeline, a wire that is "the story of your life," of your last interaction on the social network ... you were born.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Testimonials: you, your Mac and Flash

Nearly a year in October, Apple does preinstalls more Flash on his Mac. A decision that mimicked that of Microsoft Windows, but also followed the passage of arms around Flash iOS between Steve Jobs and Adobe. Hence the subject of this appeal to witnesses who asked the question whether the policy had changed your habits vis-à-vis this plug-in. The answers provided show various positions and trenches and strategies that are just as among those who kept Flash, but want to hold her bridle. Yes to FlashThe reasons are obvious to install Flash. Adobe technology is far from being replaced.

 Video sites have begun their moult - and yet not all, Canal + has been repeatedly cited as requiring the presence of the plug-in - but many others use it either for promotional content, either through to online tools "I surf more on iPad for some time and we must recognize that many sites require Flash. DIY sites, major retailers of home appliances, computer equipment, etc.. In fact, I will summarize the usefulness of the reader with access to catalogs, the realization of selections or purchases. So back to the iMac ... "wrote wsalado.Same is the ubiquity of Flash with vintz72 "In any new position (PC as Mac), I go very fast in general that he lacks Flash. There is indeed a lot of sites that still use it (partially, but sometimes the whole site is that the Flash).

Commercial sites use it extensively (Citroën, Peugeot, etc.. To name brands of cars). Those who say you do not need should not surf much. In short, until everyone has remade its site in HTML5, I must have Flash and I always install. On my iPod touch, I surf few specific apps and make up for the absence. ""I Flash in-dis-pen-sa-ble: I work in photography and graphic design, given the number of photographers Flash websites (including mine), you can not do without. This is the first plug-in installed in Firefox. And that's also why a iPad is irrelevant "says Norbert75. After the Flash users and those who would pass before there is the middle position.

That which is to have the plug-in on his machine, but use it sparingly, when you can not do otherwise."I do not use Flash Player as it slows down too much navigation and is too hot my MacBook Unibody 2008. But I use an extension (ClickToFlash) that allows me to see the contents when needed. ".This use ClickToFlash was mentioned several times. This extension hides the contents of web pages and Flash can play them on demand. You can also choose the sites where ClickToFlash can act and let down in others. "I use ClickToFlash since purchasing my iMac 27" 2009 and before that on my 24 "... This year, after buying a mini with Leo, the first installation of Flash site met, immediately followed by of ClickToFlash. Contrary to what I read, having lots of RAM (in my case) does not change much, it is mainly the processor that is sought. "Said Ianni.GasyKaManja alternates between two browsers "Mac's Safari or Camino with ClickToFlash with reading Flash blocked by default. I flash to 95% and I do this only when friends send me interesting links: YouTube, Daylimotion, only Flash videos.

Or on certain sites only (that of Disney, my bank) or when I have to book or buy something. "The use of a blocker is also highlighted by the older Mac users that the plug-in is broken down.ouviravecAnother solution for Flash without its drawbacks is to enlist the services of Chrome. The plug-in from Adobe is integrated into the Google browser. Therefore one can have a free OS X and Flash for Safari Chrome away when a site or page is needed. The switch from one to the other browsers is even easier. In the Safari menu "Development" contains the command "Open the page" that lists the browsers present. The current page in Safari will automatically be launched Chrome. To enable this menu, go to Safari Preferences and then at the bottom of the panel "Advanced".No FlashThe camp brings together different profiles of refractories. For example owners of older machines somewhat like that of Madalvée "I became a" no flash "in spite of myself on my Power Mac G5 with Tiger, where the software is not updated. Only a few fantasies we are prohibited, such as online shopping site of Adobe (too bad for them) and the sites of those who apply the latest (too bad for them too).

The sites of fans who wear a FrontPage design (a web authoring tool from Microsoft, ndr) of the 2000s are still rich and interesting! "There are also Mac users very recent and have not installed the plug-in after purchase "In my case, not at all in Flash for over a year and a half of my machines, including a MacBook Air 2011 "written rom54" and frankly it is rather a big advantage over any pub is almost more than the browser crashes, less consumption for the computer (the fans do take longer depending on the way sites visited by cons ... I installed Java). Ditto for my wife who has turned his cell phone and flash using the Internet to view iPad. Short life without Flash is rather pleasant.

"Since moving to Leo, I have not bothered to install flash. He has no real use in certain specific web applications ... that I do not personally. Now, the videos can be played natively, and YouTube (video-only service I use) allows, in its HTML5. "Said MacArthurEU.Another module quoted on a few occasions, one designed for these sites and videos that will force them to play their content in HTML5 with options on the definition used by default. This extension, YouTube5 can work with YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The French press powerless against Apple?

For these titles, it is not an isolated initiative. Combined into a single entity, the GIE, they decided to negotiate with one voice against Apple and other Internet giants like Google and Facebook. Speaking with one voice, these media hope to establish a more favorable balance of power and get more favorable terms. In fact, about the kiosk integrated iOS 5, the GIE is clear: the securities in question are planning to boycott as Apple will not make some concessions.

It is always the same two points back: the customer files and 30% commission considered too high. Xavier Spender, CEO of Team 24/24, swear that a copy of the newspaper sold on the iPad brings in less money than the paper version. The GIE is of course very attentive to what the other titles to escape the grip of Apple. The initiative of the Financial Times who decided to abandon its application to launch a web solution in HTML5 is followed very closely. In this regard, account Liberation soon launch a webapp to not be dependent on a distributor too powerful.

This does not mean that Libé considering stopping development of its applications IOS.Regarding Epress, GIE does not stop there. Subscription offers and bundle will be available in the near future. The various members of the association meet frequently to reflect on how to monetize their content on the Internet. The EIG has already signed an agreement with Google to be present in its booth. Google is far less difficult and greedy Apple. The Internet giant asked a commission of 10% and lends the customer data. On the other hand, newspaper publishers have more flexibility in setting prices. If unity is strength, this group left some observers skeptical. Benedict Evans, an expert on digital content, think the press is in the same situation as the record industry: "People needed the music to Apple, they were not able to negotiate well, unlike the film industry which was able to obtain better deals.

The press is desperate, Apple has the advantage. " Ken Doctor, an expert in the media industry for its part provides a different look and feels that this type of coalition has had mixed results in the past. Individual interests often end up taking him as the better of common interests. And that's exactly what happened in the U.S. last year when several newspaper groups have formed a consortium to build a digital kiosk and impose their views. Finally, the union eventually collapse and each actor has signed an agreement directly with Apple ... It should be noted that this association was absent from a brand: Le Monde that he apparently preferred to go it alone.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apple unafraid of, helping Facebook's Project Spartan

Techcrunch had announced last week the Spartan project, an ambitious project that could allow Apple to compete with Facebook and iOS leaving its own App Store in HTML 5. The site is back on this project, without giving details, but added interesting information about Apple.

According to the site, Apple is not afraid Spartan project, on the contrary. The company would provide technical assistance to the social network to help set up his shop dedicated to applications in HTML 5. Two reasons cited by TechCrunch: Apple is not afraid of Web applications offered by Facebook. According to MG Siegler, native applications are much better, and users will no doubt continue to choose them, at least in the majority. Otherwise, this platform encourages developers to abandon the Flash to create applications for Facebook, in favor of HTML 5. Technological change that is not displeasing to a company that puts itself before the HTML 5.

Remains that Apple underestimated the impact of a boutique Facebook beyond the control of the App Store, however, says TechCrunch, adding that the project Spartan is causing the delay of the application iPad. If its development has taken so long, it is precisely because the social network wants to make it compatible with Spartan.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Face book is recruiting professionals for Mac and Windows

Face book is apparently going to recruit professionals for its today and tomorrows need for face book mobile application and face book application for Mac and PC. An offer of employment reported by TechCrunch clearly refers to creating applications for Mac and Windows. It does not say much more about the nature of this software, but the announcement about the formation of a new team "Desktop" based in Seattle, responsible for designing new products for the millions of computer user’s social network. It is also requested that the developer has used to work on Mac or PC client software and integrated with the web.

Mac apps for Face book not lacking, especially on the Mac App Store. But many of them are roughly the same, display some content via the web from Face book menu bar or in a dedicated application. Face book, via two of its developers, has already created a small utility for Mac displaying notifications - Desktop Notifications - but nothing as ambitious as it suggests that this job offer.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Adobe introduced the "ninth Elements"

The "Ninth Elements", as Adobe calls it, was presented to the press today. The big news of the ninth edition of consumer products from Adobe Premiere Elements of the arrival on the Mac.

The entire range of Elements is now available on Mac OS X. Bridge lovers will be disappointed: the browser interface on Mac Adobe disappears in favor of an organizer who was brought from the Windows version. Files, projects and catalogs are fully compatible between both platforms. Managing photos and videos, it takes the tabbed interface that can be found for example in Lightroom: Organizing (with management of keywords and display by date), edit, create (using templates) and share (with integration of social networks).

As for video, Premiere Elements 9 is therefore coming to Mac. The tabbed interface is again formatting: Organize tab is a bin with integrated import interface, the Edit tab contains themes and effects, the Menus tab of the disk to create DVDs or BDR, and Sharing tab to share .... We like it or not, but we must admit that seems very linear operation for beginners. Unlike iMovie, Premiere Elements is multitrack audio / video (99 tracks).

We can use files from different sources into one project: the first adaptation project in the format of the first file. The files will be up scaled or down-accordingly. Premiere Elements 9 is able to clean background noise of a video taken by example with a telephone or a small HD camera. The impact compresses the sound a bit, but is really effective. Premiere Elements 9 loads over 70 effects to the questionable value, but is mostly modified at will - and are mainly used on live video, without rendering time.

Similarly, the DVD menus are the default controls the placement of videos, but it is possible to modify and enrich them, depending on the degree of experience. If we can send his film on DVD or Blu-ray (one will appreciate the humor of Adobe on the topic, since we have not finished waiting on Mac compatible players), we can also make a kind of DVD Web, a Web page that appears as a menu and allows to read videos in an interactive way ... in Flash (FLV or MP4).

Image side, Photoshop Elements 9 inherits some features of Photoshop CS5, but also embellished resolutely public functions. Photoshop Elements 9 integrates also a gallery of filters in fashion, as the effect or Lomo Pop Art, but also the effects of photomontage. These effects are presented as "recipes", built in tutorials to Photoshop Elements immediately containing the necessary tools. If you are a little more experienced, you can always have access to layers that have helped create the effect or photomontage.

Elements 9 uses the engine of Photoshop CS5 for example offer repair or correction of the photos shown taking into account the content: you can now automatically fill the missing areas of a panorama, rather than the crop, or remove elements noise of an image (a kind of automated cloning tool). The results are convincing ... until we do not zoom to 100%. Finally, like Photoshop Elements Premiere 9 integrate social networks: it is possible to export his creations on Facebook or Flickr.