Saturday, July 5, 2014

Apple Patent for its Smart Lock Technology

Apple Patent
Smartphone locking is a necessity but at times a bit annoying and punching in a pincode or making use of new fingerprint scanner can be troublesome while using the device at home or in a car.Apple technology has a new published patent which comes with an improved secure smartphone which will need a range of unlocking codes depending on the users’ location.

Apple has been considering this issue and the US Patent and Trademark Office have published a patent application recently from Apple detailing technology which can sense the user’s location and modify the phone’s unlocking code, like a smart lock. Some of the locations may be more secured like a user’s home or office which may be considered as safe and may not need much security.

Apple has indicated in its patent application that `it can be desirable to have less security requirements when mobile device is at a secured location, while some location may be considered to be at higher risk or unsecured and these locations need stronger security protection’. The purpose is that an iPhone should be able to recognize the user’s typical location for instance their home, car or work depending on GPS or even a known Wi-Fi network.

Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner

The system then identifies and adjusts the level of security in order to unlock the phone. While at home, the use of a passcode may not be neededor like the places visited often wherein a fingerprint or a simple code may be needed but in distance places or crowded areas, high level of security would be essential in unlocking the phone.

Apple has been working on the iPhone security for some time now and recently the company had debuted its Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S wherein the users need to swipe their finger to unlock the phone instead of keying in a pincode.

Another Apple patent application was published showing that the company was researching a system enabling their uses to sync all of their devices with the same biometric data on their laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Technology to Sense User’s Location for Security Lock

Google too has been working on location based smart locks wherein last month, during its annual Google I/O conference, the company had talks on similar issues for its next updated version of Android naming this feature as a `personal unlocking’. It was stated according to PC World, that this would be giving their users ways and means to unlock their phones depending on the location.

It is apparent that Apple is researching on smart lock technology which would be beneficial to users in terms of security, it is yet unknown if or when this system will make headway on to the iPhone. Apple has been making great progress in updated version with added features enabling its consumers with advanced functions which are easy and swift.

User can now wait and watch for the debut of this updated entry of Apple which will help in locking and unlocking the iPhone depending on the location of the user. Tour Macmyth for latest updates on Apple Technology and gain insight of what lies in stores in the world of technology.

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