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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Asus Laptop for Professional Users

AsusTek Computer also known as Asus is one of the renowned producer as well as best seller of motherboards, tablet PCs, desktops, laptops, servers and mobile phones. Besides these, it also develops components for several other tech companies such as Apple, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard. The name is derived from the last four letters of Pegasus and in Greek mythology representing inspiration of art and learning, is the winged horse.

Asus symbolizes creative spirit, strength, purity represented by this agile and real mythical being which rises to new height of quality as well as innovation with each product it launches in the market. Asus Laptops are considered to be the most reliable laptops with value for money and users could rely on the hardware of Asus laptop for durability as well as performance which could be very beneficial for professional users.

Their laptops also offer a combination of the updated technology which could be used for business as well as home users. They offer a choice of budget laptops to suit the budget of any individual and most of their laptops are competitively priced with stylish design together with additional functions which are also long lasting and users could determine the longevity of an Asus laptop depending on the level and the price range.

Streamlined/Sleek Look Laptops

Asus provides a more streamlined together with sleek look in its line of heavy as well as large laptops which are appropriate for professional users. Business laptops such as ASUS PU500 are excellent for people who tend to work at office or those who constantly access their work documents while on the go. It provides great productivity in work, since it offers value together with quality process in daily computing.

An Asus laptop also specializes in gaming laptops too which provides remarkable specs together with perfect ergonomics, with assurance of having all the tools for a good competition and an ASUS G750 is an apt choice which give the best gaming experience. The ASUS Zenbook Prime, an upgrade from the brand’s first Ultrabook, is UX31A comes with a 3rd-gen Intel Core processor together with a rich and bright 1080p IPS display together with wide viewing angles. With the combination of a fast Core i5 processor, SonicMaster-powered speakers as well as a Windows 8 operating system, the ASUS S56CA-DH51is remarkable to multimedia user.

Focus on Enterprise/Governmental/Organizational Users

With regards to a touch screen feature one could consider ASUS Q200 as a reliable choice. The ASUS Zenbook Prime UX32VD-DB71is also another addition to the Ultrabook collection of Asus together with the UX32VD feature having Nvidia graphics which could be very useful for gamers. Similar to other Ultrabook, this laptop that have the Windows 8 OS comprises of a lightweight construction as well as a remarkable 1980x1080 display.

Asus makes good laptops which are budget friendly and extra reliable customized for SMBs delivering uncompromising durability, together with security as well as business focused user experience, thereby simplifying work and boosting reliability. These laptops have been designed with their focus on enterprise, governmental and organizational users in need of complete managed IT environment offering great endurance for enhanced productivity together with business class security as well as manageability.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

In Search Of Incredible

Asus zenfone 5
Lasting Incredible Impression

God made man and man-made money… Money made the world go round. Man has made great headway in the field of technology giving rise to great products which has helped in enhancing the lifestyle of individuals. With various new products, cell phones came into existence which started the trend of updated versions in mobile cells leading to smartphones and the rest. With the entry of smartphones, life continues to move on a faster space with most of the functions becoming much faster and easier inspite of which life moves on a roller coaster.

Companies have been competing with one another in bringing about the best products to the end users and while this competitions goes on, it makes me think on the things I could do on `My Superpower Phone’, a Zenfone series, given the option of the merest touch in quickening the daily functions of our lives which would be less tedious. The most prevalent issue in the present scenario is the pollution faced in every section of the atmosphere which is resulting in various health issues faced by people at large. In this technology world, a mobile phone is a constant companion of every individual as they age and mellow with each passing phase of life. My Superpower smart phone could be used to do the things I never dreamt to do before.

Power to Stop Pollution 

Given the opportunity of placing my views on the incredible, I would like to take the opportunity of using the phone in `Stopping the Pollution’ from interfering in the lives of individuals and the next generation to come. We come across various types of individuals who tend to `care or dare’ nature, preserving or destroying it with their different attitudes. Felling of trees is on the rise with no efforts done in replacing them resulting in health hazards. My Phone could be smart enough to impart information as well as prevent these occurrences which would help in the prevention of chopping down these trees.

Pollution of emission from vehicles is another hindrance affecting our health and I would also like to use my phone in bringing about awareness on the dangers of pollution. My Phone could be smartly used without offence to guide and implement action on issues with regards to nature, its depleting resources and the best contribution each individual could make in making this world a better place to live in. My Superpower Phone could also guide me bringing about these changes by eliminating pollution through my phone which could be helpful in saving our planet Earth and preserving it with all its richness of nature and enjoy a serene, peaceful life without the interference of any type of pollution affecting mankind.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Asus has a MacBook Air competitor

Battered lately, Asus goes on the offensive. On the occasion of the Computex trade show being held in Taipei, the manufacturer has unveiled several products, one of which is presented as a direct competitor to the MacBook Air.

The Asus UX21 includes several ingredients that made the success of Apple's ultraportable: ultrafine (maximum thickness 17 mm), battery incorporated into the computer-in 7 days due to hibernation, wake ultrafast All aluminum design, SSD by default, glass trackpad.

Unusually for a PC, Asus has done in minimalist terms of connectivity: a microphone port HDMI, USB 2.0 and another USB 3.0.

This machine will be launched in September may also give some indications about the MacBook Air 2011 which could be sold next month. The Asus UX21 is based on the platform Huron River. It has a low power processor Sandy Bridge. This is a i5-2557M clocked at 1.7 GHz. It remains to know its price...