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Monday, February 5, 2018

WhatsApp Messenger Now Officially Supports Apple CarPlay

WhatsApp Messenger now compatible with CarPlay

WhatsApp is the first messenger app that is now also supported by Apple's CarPlay system: This was previously Apple's own messaging service iMessage (which can also send and receive SMS), reserved. With the update to WhatsApp version 2.18.20 WhatsApp but to bring the necessary support. After pairing the iPhone then appears WhatsApp icon on the car display.

Anyone who knows how to use and appreciate the comfort of Apple's CarPlay in the car will have missed a comprehensive compatibility with the WhatsApp Messenger in many a situation painfully. That could finally change - thanks to a nondescript WhatsApp update.

WhatsApp is supposed to be able to interact with Apple's CarPlay. Accordingly, the innovation does not fall directly on, because the CarPlay icon for the messenger apparently not in the foreground. But at least by looking into the CarPlay settings of the iOS options, it is clear that the messenger has actually been integrated into the system. More safety and comfort On the Apple devices, the feature was probably in the wake of the just-rolled WhatsApp update for iOS with the version number 2.18.20.

However, official information on this not insignificant innovation does not appear to be provided by WhatsApp yet. Also in connection with the recent update for the messenger only "bug fixes" the speech, so the correction of minor errors. A circumstance that is at least surprising, since many iPhone users have been waiting almost eagerly for the feature. From now on, you can use it to read WhatsApp messages from Siri and answer them directly, without being distracted while driving - exactly as it is the case with conventional messages.

Feature is missing? Manually trigger WhatsApp update

If the feature has not arrived yet, you can simply manually update WhatsApp via the App Store. Once done, the function should be directly integrated and the corresponding CarPlay icon will appear as soon as you connect your iPhone to a CarPlay-compatible car.

Supporting CarPlay lets you read incoming messages or dictate new messages to Siri - and the icon also shows you how many unread messages there are. However, the news can only be read out in sequence - scrolling through the individual messages is not possible. However, with Siri you can read the last messages of a person as before: "Hey Siri, read the WhatsApp messages from Martin!".

When you receive a new message, it will now also be displayed on the CarPlay screen so that you can respond directly and have the message read to you. New in the WhatsApp update is also a search function in the group members: If you click in a group chat on the group name, can now also search for participants in a large group - WhatsApp itself writes to the new features of the update, however, only "bug fixes".

Friday, June 26, 2015

Google and Apple Battle for Dashboard Dominance

CarPlay & Android Auto – Snuggled in Dashboard of Car Test

Cars have now become the new battleground for consumer internet companies and at the Consumer Electronics Show, held at Las Vegas, Google had unveiled a new plan enabling car manufacturers in using a version of its open source Android smartphone operating system wherein Android would power the car’s dashboard based information as well as entertainment system. CarPlay of Apple together with Android Auto of Google has made an appearance and will be snuggled in the dashboard of  car.

Apple’s CarPlay is the latest in the in-car entertainment and information system and is a development of its earlier car connectivity with music from iPods and iPhones into car stereo through the dock connector. It utilises Apple’s new Lightning Connector meaning that it is only compatible with the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C though it enables far greater connectivity which comprises the ability to power the navigation system of the car, as well as place calls and read messages aloud. Besides this, it also commands the car and the iPhone through Apple’s voice assistant – Siri. The new technology was announced by Apple at the International Motor show in Geneva, together with a huge list of car manufacturers that would be adopting Apple’s in-car systems.

CarPlay as the iPhone has a flat structure which offers all of its apps and functions as big icons on a scrollable home screen and none of the functions tend to be more than a level deep. There are no sub menus, lists or folders and getting anywhere in the CarPlay interface is a one or two tap functions. It is difficult to find flaws with CarPlay’s organization since there is not much of it there and it is easy and simple. At Android Auto’s screen bottom edge one will notice several icons which provide shortcuts to various functions.

The first to announce that CarPlay to be fitted in certain new cars were Ferrari, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz while BMW, Citroen, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota had also announced that they would be working on integrating Apple’s CarPlay in their vehicles in the near future. Google had launched its own beating on the in-car area known as the Open Automotive Alliance – OAA which aims in bringing the Android platform to cars in a meaningful manner. It is not just installing Android from a phone in the car, but to adapt it specifically to the in-car experience. According to an OAA statement at the website `the Open Automotive Alliance is a group of leading automakers and technology companies which share a vision in making technology in the car safer, more seamless and more intuitive for everyone’.

The concept is that the OAA will permit car makers with more differentiation than several other competing systems while at the same time, maintain cross compatibility from common software among various car brands. Presently OAA brags on Audi, General Motors, Honda and Hyundai among the car manufacturers together with Google and chipmaker Nvidia from the technology business, indicating that there would be clashes between Google and Apple groups.

It is said that Honda, Hyundai together with General Motors seems to be pledged to both Apple as well as Google, meaning that the models are well-suited with Android and the iPhone from all these manufacturers though may not necessarily be in the same car. It is not known on how the new in-car connectivity camps, if at all, would be co-operating since certain cars are equipped with compatibility for iPhone while others for instance could only have the potential of being connected to an Android smartphone Few car manufacturers, however are in different camps where Ford for instance, presently utilises Microsoft’s system though is also signed up to Apple’s CarPlay while Kia has Android for its existing in-car systems and is also a member of CarPlay.

General Motors that manufactures Vauxhall cars in the UK has signed up with Apple’s CarPlay as well as Google’s OAA together with the GENIVI Alliance along with Honda and Hyundai indicating that the drivers could get the choice of Android or iPhone compatibility from the point of purchasing new car.

There is a possibility that the OAA cars could lend support to Apple’s CarPlay as the system has been shown off by Mercedes, Ferrari and Volvo at the International Motor Show in Geneva, run on BlackBerry’s QNX software.

 This has been adopted by the automotive trade due to its history of reliability. Until Apple tends to exclude the OAA from its licensing agreement for CarPlay, some of the cars could default to Android though switch to iPhone connectivity when the iPhone is plugged into the system. Both Android Auto and CarPlay come with extensive lists of third party audio streaming apps and listening to audio content seems to be one of the oldest as well as the safest means of in-car infotainment.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Apple’s CarPlay – Installed in 24 M Vehicles

According to ABI Research, Apple’s CarPlay API for iPhone integration will be dominating the auto industry which will be installed in more than 24 million vehicles in another five years.

API in its report points to announcements from over half a dozen manufacturers who intend to install CarPlay in new vehicles which include Audi, BMW, Ford, Jaguar/Land Rover, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota and Volvo.

Apple would be able to reach the milestone with the number of automakers coming on board as partners and the company’s potentials to drive the interest in its latest product, according to report from market research firm ABI Research.

Filomena Berardi, ABI analyst, states that `many believe that Apple is creating further fragmentation and ripple effect in the industry by not being open, though with Apple on the scene, it certainly draws greater attention to in-car apps and now with the Android Auto standard on the scene, both will certainly drive adoption of in-car apps’.Apple had unveiled CarPlay, iOS in the car, at the time of the 2013 edition of its annual developer’s conference in San Francisco and had announced the first CarPlay with equipped models at the Geneva Motor Show.

This will enable drivers to place phone calls, access contacts, listen to voicemail messages as well as control apps like MLB at Bat and Pandora by using Siri or through their car’s in-dash touchscreen on connecting to a compatible iPhone.

Specification – Mirrored to Vehicle’s infotainment System

The specification of CarPlay enables an iPhone to be mirrored to a vehicle’s infotainment system at the time the smartphone is being charged and once the infotainment system is connected, the iPhone is controlled by voice, through the car’s built in touchscreen or by steering wheel-mounted controls.

Drivers, through CarPlay, will be able to use the voice recognition service, Siri, to have text messages read out loud, reply through voice and obtain contact information from an iOS device in making phone calls. CarPlay also has the option of Apple Maps navigation service and has been competing with proprietary interfaces like in Ford’s Sync system together with industry open source specifications like MirrorLink and GENIVI, championed by industry groups.

Search giant Google, earlier this year, announced that it would begin an Open Automotive alliance –QAA while its standards will be dubbed Android Auto and the overall function mirrors that of CarPlay but would be working only with Android devices.

Open Sourced – MirronLink/GENIVI/QAA

API reports that MirrorLink together with GENIVI and QAA have positioned themselves as `open sourced’, and could be considered as competitors which goes against being open. API Research is also of the belief that the uptake of MirroLink would be significant though predicts that additional cars would be fitted with CarPlay and without an open eco system; carmakers will have to collaborate with more partners.

Vice President of Automotive Industry Advisory Services at Gartner, Thilo Kowlowski stated that auto makers should do a better job in offering mobile technology or have it taken away by rivals in the technology industry. Koslowski further pointed to Google, its self-driving car, digital distribution platforms like Google Play together with in-car smartphone connection platforms like CarPlay with signs of improved facilities in store.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Apple’s New CarPlay Infotainment

Users are looking forward for some option in taking advantage on Apple’s new CarPlay infotainment which is being offered without the purchase of a new vehicle. It was reported that the aftermarket manufacture Alpine would be proposing a CarPlay compatible receiver and the same would be released later this year.

The device can be connected to an iPhone 5 or later with the use of wires wherein drivers would be able to view maps on its 7 inches screen, use voice commands to access messages, play music and make calls. Moreover the system would also be capable to read messages and directions aloud as well as enable drivers to conveniently access other iPhone functions. It was also reported that the company would be shipping the units in the US as well as Europe for a price of $500 to $700 which was first reported by a Japanese financial news service Nikket Asian Review without the installation fees.

It is presumed that the new stereo besides sporting a seven inch diagonal touch screen would also support the CarPlay’s Siri powered voice commands. Moreover this move is being implemented soon, in order to obtain advantage along with some financial gains, aiming to boost business further by bringing the first stand alone console which can use CarPlay to the consumers

The First Aftermarket Option

After the introduction of CarPlay made by Apple earlier this year, it seems that its entry in the aftermarket were slim and while a Kenwood representative informed that the system would most probably not appear in any of the products during 2014, a Pioneer spokesperson denied the report indicating that they would be offering something of their own.

This aftermarket option would most likely be a relief to the users as well as boost CarPlay adoption and though this system is presently available in upcoming vehicles coming from famous luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Volvo, other compatible models are also expected like the BMW, Ford, Honda, General Motors, Hyundai Motor Company, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota to name a few.

The device would also be the first aftermarket option to add CarPlay support to the car while some new cars from famous brands of automakers would be expected to come from the factory with CarPlay support.

Capable to launch app with content

CarPlay enables the user to plug in the iPhone into the car to see content from its screen on the screen of the car and the app from the Smartphone and the screen can be visible on the Alpine unit’s screen. The user would also be capable of launch app with other content using gestures on the screen of the console.

While some of the car manufacturers will now be offering standard vehicle provided with CarPlay with the system, the Japanese company’s device is supposed to be the first aftermarket CarPlay product compatible with the system which will first be available in the U.S. and Europe. Thereafter the unit would then go on sale in Alpine’s native Japan as 2015 approaches.