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Friday, July 11, 2014

A Simple And Effective Keylogger For Mac OS X

 Keylogger For Mac OS X
For all computer protection and surveillance solution, one can engage the services of Any keylogger, who are the most professional and leading provider which originated in the year 2007. Anykeylogger for Mac are one of best keylogger software for Mac, in the world with six basic and effective features offered to their users which enables them to record all activities that has happened in a stealthy mode on Mac.

Users could check for detailed information at their site to gain more insight on the product and other relevant details. They started off by concentrating on the improvement of their services and user experience and are now capable of offering monitoring services to their customers all across the globe.

 Their application developed, is exceptional which is powerful and strong in the supervision and controlling functions on the computer, meeting up with the requirements of parental control as well as employee management. Their product is appreciated by people from different areas of the world like America, Asia and Europe and is also recommended by several professions especially in the computer monitoring field.

AnyKeylogger for Mac OS X, an effective keylogger for Mac has the capabilities of logging all activities on Mac as well as send the logs to email address enabling the user to monitor the activities done on the computer, remotely. It has six major featuresthat is basic but which ismost appropriate in monitoring the Mac activities. Moreover it also runs stealthily on the background of the Mac wherein others accessing the computer are unable to change the setting of the software or shut the software.

 Their simple interface together with their effective monitoring system has gained them a large number of Mac users together with awards and Any Keylogger for Mac is the one and the best solution to Mac activity surveillance. Free download can be availed at the site on the respective features that are made available to the user together with live support by their efficient team on board.

The key features comprises of capturing screenshots which are based on time interval, to capture screenshot and save memory when the website is visited and to take them in secret mode. It also has the capabilities of recording the sites visited together with the time and name of the website, recording of which is done in stealth mode. Besides these features, it can also record the user name together with the password of application as well as all typed data on the website with the exception of the website password.

 It also records program activity or any application launched with relevant information on the computer with running time, sends logs through email which supports Gmail, does not send screenshots while sending logs and automatically deletes logs which are based on time interval. Lastly, it runs in stealth mode without arousing any suspicion to the user, it is activated by hotkey and is totally invisible in Add or Remove program list, task manager, installation files and start up menu.