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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

TAG Heuer – Plans to Bring Branded Smartwatch in Market

TAG Heuer, the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer has recently announced their plans to bring a branded smartwatch in the market with unnamed tech companies, which is a move to spur on in part with Apple Watch. It was reported how Tag Heuer had been pushing ahead to release its own smartwatch with the other Swiss watchmakers on the same track.

They had earlier dismissed the threat faced from smarwatches and have softened their stand since then. For instance, they had recently declined of planning to launch its own smartwatch though only a couple of months back, Claude Biver,LVMH’s Business Head, had informed a Swiss newspaper that the company had plans to launch a Tag Heuer smartwatch in the summer of 2015 though they could not afford to follow in the footsteps of Apple.

According to Reuters reports, during the press conference at the headquarters of TAG Heuer in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in Switzerland, Biver, had admitted that he had recently changed his mind on fielding a smartwatch after being dismissive of the `smart device’, sector. He had stated that they had started on the project four months back and had done several partnerships and would also consider acquisitions.

Smartwatch Represent a Challenge to Swiss Watch Industry 

When questioned as to whether the company had approached Google or Intel as their partners, Guy Semon, General Manager had refrained from commenting though the reports have been coming up that Intel would be supplying the microprocessor for Tag Heuer’s smartwatches. Semon’s comments clearly indicated his apprehension of losing to high tech and more user convenient smartwatches.

He further commented that `Smartwatch represent a challenge to the Swiss watch industry that is comparable to the appearance of quartz technology and that they cannot ignore this tsunami which is coming closer’. He gave no indication of any specific launch date for a Tag Heuer smartwatch though added that the company would be presenting one, only if they were `first, different and unique’.TAG did not disclose prototype design at the meeting though reports claim that the watch would be a hybrid digital/mechanical design which would be powered by an Intel processor.

Biometric Sensors to Measure Metrics of Heart Rate

Moreover, it was also reported that it had inclusion of biometric sensors to measure metrics like a user’s heart rate. Hewlett-Packard had used a similar design without the sensors in its Choronowing collaboration with designer Michael Bastion.

The present news is different from the news of September when Biver had slammed Apples’ recently unveiled Apple Watch stating that the product `had no sex appeal and that it was too feminine, looking too much like the smartwatches which are already on the market’ and later on, he reversed course.

Biver had commented saying that they want to launch a smartwatch at TAG Heuer but would not copy the Apple Watchor followthem. TAG seems to be the latest traditional watch maker to incline against a steadily growing smartwatch market which has been led by tech innovator.

Apple is ready to disrupt it with its Apple Watch probably early next year and some expectations on some high models which would be priced in the range of TAG Heuers’ present offers.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tag Heuer - Apple’s New Hire for iWatch Launch

It has been reported that Apple has hired the sales director from Swiss luxury watch maker TAG Heuer to help in promoting its forthcoming entry, iWatch which is expected to be launched soon.The Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer is one of the various luxury brands which operated under LVMH, the multibillion mergers between Moet Hennessy and Louis Vuitton which are very popular.

The hiring has been confirmed by the head of the luxury goods conglomerate LVMH, which owns TAG Heuer, Jean-Claude Biver, during his recent video interview conducted with the American television channel CNBC. He informed CNBC, that the watchmaker’s vice president for sales, Patrick Pruniaux, had left the previous week to take a contract with Apple to launch the iWatch.

A spokeswoman from TAG Heuer told Reuter that Pruniaux `was probably head hunted’, though Apple refrained from commenting on this issue. Pruniaux does not seem to be the first executive to be recently appointed by Apple from the luxury watch sector, Burberry ex-chief executive Angela Ahrendts had also started as its new head of retail and online sales in May with former head of French fashion brand, Yves Saint Laurent Paul Deneve who had been hired last year to work on special projects.

Apple’s Interest in Wearable Technology

The head of Atlas Wearable, Alex Hsieh, had left just last month to join Apple as a firmware developer and it is believed that Hsieh would be working closely with the iWatch team and likely to focus on activity tracking.

 Moreover, Apple has also sought the help of medical professional Michael O’Reilly who along with Apple operations executive, Jeff Williams, met the FDA regulators to seek help in obtaining approval on the iWatch before its launch.

The hiring points at Apple’s growing interest in the wearable technology industry which is expected to be worth $8.3 billion by 2018 and the company is rumoured to be competing with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear in developing an iWatch.

It is reported that the smartwatch will feature a curved touchscreen which will run on iOS, enabling it to get connected to iPhone and iPads, as per Japanese news service Nikkei.

iWatch – Apple’s First Newly Created Product beside iPad

Apple is expected to launch its first wearable at the Media event this October with signs that the device would be the iWatch. It is also presumed that the company would unveil the new iPhone, iPads and Macs during the fall season probably at standalone September and October events.

Eddy Cue, iTunes, chief, commented that Apple’s product pipeline seems to be the most exciting, he had seen in the past twenty five years. The wearable device would also have sensors for collection of health and fitness information like blood glucose levels as well as heart rate data for possible integration in the newly announced iOS 8 HealthKit.

Besides this, other rumours reveal that the iWatch could utilise the Touch ID technology which is already available within the iPhone 5s that will be paired up with third party health devices like the Nike FuelBand with a cost between $199 and $299. iWatch announcement would mark Apple’s first newly created product after the introduction of the2010 iPad