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Friday, April 5, 2019

Sennheiser Launches Momentum True Wireless Earbuds

Sennheiser Launches Momentum True Wireless Earbuds
Truly wireless earbuds have taken over the world only when Apple launched it’s signature AirPods back in 2016. Since then there has been a slew of truly wireless earbuds from B&O, Motorola, Bose, Sony to Onkyo. Apple too has benefited from the truly wireless earbud craze and released its second version of AirPods- 2nd gen AirPods.

All brands have gone in for wireless ear buds but what about Sennheiser. The company seems to be following a slow and steady wins the race kinda of moto. But now no more, they have come up with their own truly wireless earbuds- Momentum True Wireless Earbuds. Are these earbuds really worth their price or are they going to be just another set of earbuds without anything new to offer? That’s what we are here to find out.

Let’s begin with the Features in the Momentum True Wireless Earbuds:

If you’re looking for a pair of truly wireless earbuds that can have possibly all the latest features, then you don’t have to look far, Sennheiser’sMomentum True Wireless Earbuds have got it covered.

These earbuds come with 4 hours of battery life and its own charging case, which has become the norm with all truly wireless earbuds these days. The earbuds charge through a magnetic slot. If you’re concerned about pairing then don’t be.

The Momentum True Wireless Earbuds connect to each other as soon as they’re out of their charging case and are immediately discoverable from any gadget that you have. If you need to connect them to a different gadget from the one they’re currently connected to, then you simply have to press the outside of both earbuds to restart the connection.

More on the Charging Dock that comes with the Momentum True Wireless Earbuds:

The charging dock comes with a set of lights that shows you the level of charge of the earbuds. Green depicts a more than 50% charge while red for no charge. Once the case is fully charged you can use it to charge your earbuds for two more sessions before you need to connect the dock back to its power outlet. The earbuds itself take about an hour and more to attain a full charge.

How do you know exactly how much Charge is there in your Momentum True Wireless Earbuds?

With Sennheiser this is a simple matter of downloading an app. From the app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android by the way, you will see just how much juice is there in both earbuds.

Call Features on the Momentum True Wireless Earbuds: 

Sennheiser had another feature up its sleeves when it came out with the Momentum True Wireless Earbuds. The company claims that its new two mic beamfoaming feature can improve audibility during phone calls. While the Momentum True Wireless Earbuds do not come with noise cancellation they have something else. Noise isolation in the Momentum True Wireless Earbuds does a good job when it comes to blocking out background noises.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Go Cable Free with this Belkin Apple Charge Dock

Belkin Apple Charge Dock
If you own an Apple watch and an iPhone and suffer from the malady of too many wires all over the place then this Belkin Apple charge dock is the one for you. It’s right what the doctor ordered or in this case Belkin. This charge dock comes with a single wire that charges up your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously, allowing you to bid adieu to too many cables on the nightstand.

With the 21st century we have benefited from gadgets like the iPhone and the Apple Watch but add to that the cables that are needed to charge them with and you’ve got a full nightmare on your hands with cables streaming this way and that. But with this Belkin Apple charge dock, all that is a thing of the past. With charging becoming a lot more orderly. So, now you can enjoy the benefits from using those gadgets without worrying about messy charging cables at all.

Belkin Apple charge Dock is one sturdy Charging Dock: 

The Belkin Apple charge dock comes with a sturdy and not- so- easy- to- slip- off- base. This means that you can tap away while the iPhone is charging without worrying about the Dock and the phone going down.

Not only that, the fit of the iPhone and the Apple watch into the Belkin Apple charge dock is so secure, leaving no shift room, making the whole device feel sturdy and safe.

The lightning connector with some well thought of features makes it easier to use the Belkin Apple charge dock. The lightning tip moves backwards and forwards making it easy for you to slip your iPhone onto the charging dock easily and securely. There is even a dial on the back of the dock that allows you to choose just how much you’d like it to protrude from the base allowing the Belkin Apple charge dock to fit an iPhone with any case on it.

A Single cable to meet all your charging needs: 

The Belkin Apple charge dock comes with a single AC cable making charging not only simpler but which also means that you won’t have to use the charging cable that Apple provides with the Apple Watch. Making that cable a backup one that you can keep in the office.

The Belkin Apple charge dock is also a fast gadget when it comes to charging both the iPhone and the Apple Watch simultaneously.

Simplistic design all the way: 

The Belkin Apple charge dock isn’t something of modern art. It’s simple, innocuous design is perhaps its most defining feature. It does not feel that it is getting in your way and blends seamlessly with your work space or any space for that matter. Its space grey color adds to that unobstructive look that it has going on.

The design of the Belkin Apple charge dock is such that it has a space for the iPhone and another small space at the side for the Apple watch.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Choose the Right Mobile Phone Provider to get the most out of your Apple

Choosing a cell phone carrier is now tougher than ever, especially now that handsets have tremendously improved and data networks are faster. If you are yet to get a new mobile phone plan, you may be paying more than necessary. In fact, switching to a better provider may lead you to a big drop in your monthly bill in terms of faster data, customer service and reliable coverage. Eyeing a top-of-the-line Apple handset? Well, it is now possible to lease and pay it off in interest-free instalments to enjoy a lower monthly bill. Below are vital guidelines for finding the best phone provider for your lifestyle.

The Provider

If you are on a budget, smaller carriers are the best for modest data requirements, including email, Facebook and browsing. Heavy data users are mostly suited for larger carriers such as Verizon and T-Mobile. These large carriers have a unique advantage over their smaller competitors, especially since their coverage around the country is great with the high-speed 4G internet. You can use the zip code of your provider to find out about the coverage. Also, before signing up, ensure the provider is open to receiving your phone back should you experience coverage problems. Some carriers give clients up to 14 days to decide if they should continue using the phone or not. You may incur a restocking fee too, so get the details before making your purchase. For most phone users, the largest portion of their charges is mostly related to the amount of broadband received. Therefore, always have a rough figure of the amount of data you are likely to use per month.

Data Usage

The amount of data used monthly depends on the access to a WIFI hotspot and the the frequency of downloads and gaming. Light data users tend to spend most of their time checking emails and social media sites. Medium data users are a little dependent on the internet when giving a few touch-ups in their streaming and limited gaming. Heavy data users rely on the internet consistently to download movies, videos and games.

When should you replace your Phone? 

You can consider replacing a troublesome phone such as one with a cracked screen. When moving to another provider, you don’t necessarily need to replace your phone. In the past, providers would lock their phones to discourage users from going through the process of paying for other handsets. Some providers today such as Apple have unlocked phones, giving you the chance to switch from one operator to another. However, if you plan on replacing your old model with a new one, it would be a great idea to change your phone.

Weigh your Options

Mobile phones play a great role in running apps and browsing the internet, and also facilitating social networking. The difference comes in on how either operating system can handle the tasks. Also, the OS has a huge effect on the selection of apps. While most people tend to stick to one OS, it is worth knowing that switching can present additional features that are more appealing than what is at hand. Today, different phones come with features upgrades to help their users be more efficient and productive. Voice command is a good example, where users dial up numbers by calling out the digits or mentioning the contact name. Also, there are phones that allow users to schedule meetings, find local businesses and make notes.

How should you pay? 

Different providers have varying modes of payment. You can choose to pay for it over time or lease it. Paying over time is recommended when you have expensive taste. You can have the retail price divided into 24 monthly instalments or less. Before signing up, read the fine print to ensure the period is favourable for you. Leasing is ideal for people who love to switch providers every one or two years. It means that after a certain period, you can change your phone for a new model.

If you are considering a move to a different carrier, make sure you are getting the best deal and that your needs are fully covered. Figure out the best broadband for in terms of light, medium and heavy data services before switching.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

CES 2017: What to Expect at the Biggest Tech Trade Show of This Year

CES 2017_self_driving_cars
The gadgets extravaganza is back at Las Vegas with Consumer Electronic Show of 2017 (CES 2017) wherein as usual new TVS and other home appliances will make it way along with the newly crafted segment for the automotive technology based vehicles. Here is the quick breakdown of the upcoming segments from which we will see new gadgets being launched over the few days.


Televisions are an integral and classical spectacle of the CES 2017. Like last year we will get to see the launch of 4K and HDR devices but this time the price will be significantly lower. However the TV manufacturers are finding it hard to sell the televisions therefore they are actively trying to sell content or Ultra HD capability on their devices. The major players like LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony has opted for massive booth to showcase their might with their wider range of advanced displays.

Self Driving Cars: The New Entrant

CES 2017 has been jokingly referred as Car Electronics Show as a large number of automobile manufacturers have made their way in Las Vegas to showcase their self driving cars. In just a couple of years self driving technology has made huge advancement which is set to brings futuristic world right at door step wherein people can ride in the autonomous vehicles.

VR Headsets 

Last year’s CES brought the VR into the play which left everyone amazed with its limited yet mesmerizing capabilities. This year will bring weirder and more capable VR headsets which are expected to blur the line between reality and virtual reality to a great extent. Facebook was first to make headline with its amazing Oculus line of VR headset way back in 2013 but this year it keeping a relatively low profile which has opened up the space for others. Microsoft, HTC, Google and some other little known manufacturers has already launched their VR headset during 2016 and they are expected make comeback with next version of their devices.


This year’s CES 2017 is set to bring new generation of drones which are much weirder and wild than ever before. Currently the market leader us DJI which has no competitors near it to give it a stiff challenge. Drones will come in all shapes, sizes and with varying capabilities. A number of drones have been optimized for the indoor flying as a number of regulations has made it tougher to market and sell outdoor drones. Some will feature functionality to be used in the high-speed racing while some can even possess underwater diving capabilities.

Wireless Audio

Apple created a sensation last year during its launch event by launching it won unique wireless headphone but the wait for this exquisite offering has been prolonged as Apple failed to release device during Christmas holidays. A large number of headphone and audio device makers are making their way at CES 2017 to reveal their upcoming wireless audio devices in the wake of capturing the market. Since Apple has done away with 3.5 mm jack audio device manufacturers are showing an elevated interest in the wireless devices.

Monday, November 28, 2016

What to Expect in the Coming iPhone 8

Apple products this word is enough to go everyone crazy about it now guess what the new iPhone 8 will be released in three models next year according to reports. The report suggests that the new iPhone will come in with OLED display whereas the other two variant will feature LCD display. The much happier news is that there will be a price drop in the upcoming iPhone but that would likely be cheaper than the new iPhone with OLED display.

The one of the expected feature is that the there where top to bottom with an edge to edge display fully covered with high quality display. The new OLED consumes less power and provides true life like colors and an high quality display and this helps to conserve battery power in your new iPhone this avoids the problem to fast discharge of battery.

The front facing camera as well as the home button would be housed together in the display. The back of the iPhone would be featuring a Glass back as the old iPhone 4 instead of Aluminum back as used in the iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, Se Models. Coming to the processor the new iPhone will feature an new A 11 Chip which is faster and much more efficient compared to its predecessors.

The wireless charging has become an important feature in an phone and this might feature in the upcoming iPhone and as apple has switched from aluminum back to glass back panel as this might facilitate wireless Charging. The upcoming iPhone would feature a Dual camera similar as the iPhone 7 plus with an increased Mega-pixel and image stabilization.

The pricing of the upcoming iPhone would be higher for the OLED model compared to the standard LCD model and we have to wait for the launch of the product to know about its exact features and the exact pricing of the product.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Apple Rumoured to Launch Three iPad Pro Models

 iPad Pro

Apple’s Three Models of iPad Pro

According to Mac Otakara, Apple intends to launch three models of iPad Pro in the spring of 2017 which comprises of a new 7.9-inch model, updates to the 9.7-inch and 10.1-inch models. The Japan based blog quoting `reliable sources’ states that the latest 7.9 inch Pro model would be featuring four speakers and a Smart Connector identical to the existing line of iPad Pros that had been updated earlier in March this year.

The small iPad Pro would be carrying Apple Pencil support like the rest of the line-up and is expected to replace the iPad Mini 4 provided presently. The three models would be retaining the headphone jack which had been detached from the iPhone line-up in place of wireless Apple EarPods in September when the iPhone 7 had been released. No specific launch timeline and pricing for the new Apple tablets had been provided in the report.

 It had also been reported by Otakara that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2 would be receiving a 12-megapixel camera together with True Tone flash. No more additional specifications were shared. Ming-Chi Kuo Apple analyst of KFI Securities had mentioned in August that the anticipated three new iPads which would be launched in 2017 would be a 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2, a new size 10.5-inch iPad Pro and a low cost 9.7-inch iPad. No mentioned regarding a 7.9-inch model had been done by him.

Latest 10.5-Inch Model – Education & Commercial Markets

As per Kuo, the latest 10.5-inch model would be for education and commercial markets. The price of the same had not been disclosed. Kuo believes that the iPad sales would continue to drop by 10 to 20% each year since Apple has seen the decline in sales in its iPad line-up.

He also mentioned that Apple would bring about huge alterations to the iPad line-up in 2018 with the inclusion of a flexible AMOLED panel with a view on enlarged screen resolution together with essential variations to form factor. As in the case of all rumours, readers are encouraged to take the latest iPad report with a grain of salt. Mac Otakara does not seem to have a flawless track record with the rumours regarding Apple, though its sources have confirmed precisely on several occasions in the past.

New Models Shipped with Lightning-to 3.5mm Audio Adapter

The blog had been the first to report regarding the controversial plans of Apple on the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and adding of new Black and Jet Black colours on iPhone 7 models. The new 7.9-inch model would be occupying a lower pricing tier than the 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pro models. However, in spite of its budget price tag, the iPad Pro would be receiving if not all, but most of the features of 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

The website has correctly leaked the naming scheme, pressure-sensitive Home button together with the bigger earpiece model of the iPhone 7.It is also said that the new models would be shipped with a Lightning-to-3.5mm audio adapter, though the 3.5mm EarPods seemed wrong and had suppressed rumours regarding the inclusion of a Smart Connector.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Launch Reveals It Will Hit Australia before Apple’s New iPhones

Samsung Galaxy Note7

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 – Pre-order Hits – Free 256GB Memory Card

Samsung, one of the major smartphone manufacturers in the world has launched a belligerent pitch for new users with an eye scanning, water-resisting, curved screen phone which is likely to arrive in Australia a few weeks before the new iPhone of Apple.The Galaxy Note 7 of Samsung, the new flagship smartphone would be appearing in stores on August 19 though the company has already informed buyers of probable pre-order hits due to a free 256GB memory card offer together with exceptional demand from telcos.

The company had also revealed its new flagship phone in New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom recently portraying a big-screen device which seems to be lighter than its precursor but with more storage, water resistance together with security features which comprise of an iris scanners that functions through spectacles and contact lenses.

The Note 7 is said to be the first phone of Samsung which would be featuring an eye scanner for the purpose of security besides the phone’s fingerprint scanner. In order to scan the eyes of the user, the smartphone tends to utilise a third camera having an infra-red beam to capture the detecting features in the irises.

Eye Scanning Technology – Most Secure Safeguarding Information

The scanner seems to function about 30cm away from the face of the user and thereafter the initial scan will ascertain the eyes of the user through clear prescription glasses or contact lenses. Phil Newton, chief marketing officer of Samsung Australia had stated that the eye-scanning technology was the most secure in safeguarding information in a smartphone and could be utilised also in locking down individual files or app in a Secure Folder feature within the phone.

 He commented that one does not have to use the iris scanner but it is the easiest way of locking things away. History tells that Note user have intense security requirements. Mr Newton had informed that the Note 7 would also report problem from the last model which had restricted users to only 32GB storage with no space for a memory card. He further added that the big call out for them in the Note 5 was that it has lost the capacity to extend storage which had been the huge issue for Note users and so they brought it back. As a pre-sales offer they will be giving away a 256GB card.

Launching Redesigned Gear VR Headset

He informed that the memory card for $300 would be made available with pre-orders between 5 to 18 August and demand from Australian phone carriers had been `far exceeding supply. Newton also mentioned that based on the present demand the phone, most likely would sell out.

Samsung would also be launching a redesigned $159 Gear VR virtual reality headset with the Note 7 and the phone would also be featuring a new USB-C connection. Foad Fadaghi, managing director of Telsyte had stated that Samsung Note 7 launch date would provide the company with a lead of a month on the impending iPhone launch of Apple and was a strategic move to win added attention.

He also stated that it is straight from the playbook from Samsung in trying to surpass Apple by proclaiming its handset a month earlier. According to Canaly, sales of Apple iPhone had dropped in the second quarter of the year, to 40 million handsets worldwide. The company claimed top spot with 80 million smartphones sold after the launch in February of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Apple's Echo Rival Could See You With Built-In Camera


Apple’s Echo Featuring Camera/Facial Recognition Functionality

Apple is said to be working on an Amazon Echo rival which according to reports may feature a camera and facial recognition functionality. The device with the in-built camera would be capable of detecting who will be in the closeness of the speaker using facial recognition technology and automatically activates that individual’ preferences like choice of music and lighting.

The hardware would be released by the end of the year though it is likely to be made available in 2017. However, they have warned that Apple would change its plans to include a camera or may even scrap the device completely. Apple had refrained from commenting. Due to the Echo together with its built-in voice assistant known as Alexa, Amazon tends to play a vital role in the transition in the homes of people.

Apple finds itself behind even though it had launched Siri before the digital assistant had come in. Presently neither Echo nor Google’s recently proclaimed devices, Google Home, tend to have cameras. They are both voice-activated speakers which enables you to control the home appliances by loud communication commands.

Intelligent Cameras in Devices – Risky

Apple’s device also tends to obey voice commands via Siri, Putting intelligent cameras in devices seems to be risky for companies since it tends to raise questions regarding privacy. Intel intended to release a TV box with a camera though it ditched the plan for its first product.Intel had informed that it was owing to the cost as well as the time taken to build the device though the company also encountered backlash over concerns that the box would be watching you all the while. Intel eventually had sold the business, OnCue to Verizon which did away with the hardware in support of a streaming service known as Go90.

Supporters of smart cameras in devices, state that there is little privacy or security risk to consumers as long as the camera is kept turned off by default and consumers have the option to use it. Apple has been the leader in the drive for more security and privacy for its consumers and its combative battle with the FBI earlier in the year had drawn attention to the requirement of stronger security on devices. It is doubtful that Apple would include a camera in a smart home speaker unless it could also ensure the device is secure.

New Model of Apple TV Set Top Box – Built-in Mic/Speaker

Though the Independent had reported that the device would be Siri-based and would be a standalone device, another report later in the week claimed that the device would be coming to homes as a new model of the Apple TV set top box that would have a built-in mic and speaker.

But a main drawback to an Apple TV based Echo competitor would be the hard wired connection to a television set which would eradicate an attractive feature of the Echo, the facility of putting it anywhere in the house. Though the earlier reports had not revealed a possible delivery date for the device, Sources had indicated that it could probably be by the end of 2016 but 2017 would be a possibility.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung has been actively promoting its latest smartphone in the Galaxy series named A8. This model itself feels like a flagship premium device with its bit different design and refreshing looks. Samsung Galaxy A8 has been pitched as a mid level premium device which aims at offering high end features which is just little bit short of the Samsung’s own premium S series. Samsung Galaxy A8 offers top of the line features and specifications at fair price which might give a serious competition to the Chinese rivals not on the price front but on the brand front.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Features

Samsung had long been using the similar designer and look which makes it tough to distinguish one phone from the other. But this time Samsung has opted for refreshing design which makes it standout from the dozens of Samsung handsets. Samsung Galaxy A8 uses a thin bezel design with signature Samsung looks attributes coupled with premium metallic finishes and an impressive 73 percent body to screen ratio. It features the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop on the top of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI along with a hybrid card slot.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung has provided a relatively larger display to A8 model with 5.7 inch full HD Super Amoled Display. This smartphone is powered by Samsung Exynos 5430 processor coupled with a 2 GB RAM along with a robust internal storage of 32 GB. Users can easily bump up the storage on this phone up to 128 GB through the use of micros sd card. Camera is worth mentioning as it features one of the fastest and beautiful snapper with 16 MP auto focus rear camera with wider lenses, optical image stabilization and a flash. And for selfie Samsung had provided a real sharp and awesome 5 MP front shooter.

On the connectivity front, this phone offers options like Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi, Glonass, GPS and LTE support. Samsung had packed this device with a large battery of 3050 mAh which easily offers more than a day usage to the users.

Few minor issues in Samsung Galaxy A8
Samsung had brought some high end premium features in its A8 smartphone but it still has a few numbers of issues of its own. The finger print scanner is highly touted to be the one of the premium feature but it is extremely frustrating to set this feature up in the first place.

 It possess a hybrid sim card slot which simply translates either the user has to sacrifice on the advantage of dual sims or to rely on a micro sd card for extra storage. Certainly one cannot have both which means dual sim and extra storage at the same which is a letdown.

More color options for Samsung Galaxy A8
Glaxy A8 happens to be the slimmest smartphone ever made by the Samsung with a thickness of just 5.99 mm. Galaxy A8 will be made available in different options of eocnic Wite, Black and premium Gold colors.

Buy Mobile Accessories Online At Best Prices


Multifunctional Power Bank

Gadget lovers interested in purchasing branded gadgets and accessories could check on some amazing products which comprise of smartphone, car electronics, smart watches, LED flashlights, consumers electronics and much more. Provision is made available on a large selection of updated gadgets with the best prices offered to consumers all over the globe. The portable mobile-power-bank, MIPOW SPL05 5200mAh is MFI certifiedbuilt-in 8 Pin and USB Male input Interface Cable Battery Charger, comprising of LED Power Indicator Light for iPhone 6/6 Plus Samsung and others.

Besides this, an extra USB output port is also available, ensuring compatibility with the other mobile devices while also permitting the user to charge a second device at the same time.

Its special JuiceSync marks it as an efficient and exceptional power device. Once you download the app, the Power tube 5200 tends to wirelessly connect to mobile phones or tablet enabling the user to read the balance battery temperature as well as the distance between the device and the Power tube 5200.

It also provides an alarm when the temperature tends to go beyond 55 degrees and when the distance between the power bank and the device is more than a limited range; it sends a reminder to the user who will not forget to carry it along. It is a multi functional power bank which is worth your pennies spent and a perfect choice for field work, business trips and travel etc.

Accessories with Best Offers – Deals/Sales/Presales ….

For iphone-accessories, in the form of iPhone selfie monopod, headsets, cases/covers, mounts and holders, cables and adapters, with an assurance of locating some of the best accessories accompanied with the best offers to all to their consumers where most of the products come along with free shipping, an added advantage to the consumer.

For further benefit on purchases, users could also narrow down on their search on the sale and presale, price range on the products available at the portal. Besides these one could also check on the available deals which are listed from time to time and benefit from online purchases at the site. Deals are listed by categories, from the latest to the expired one, discounted etc. wherein users could navigate through their search and make a choice as per their requirements.

Users can shop with confidence at the site and obtain some of the best deals on iPhone accessories for their mobile devices on some of the top branded products made available at this platform. The benefit of a live chat is also made available at the site, wherein the consumer can indulge in a live chat with their sales associate, prior to purchase or after sale of products to get their queries, if any, resolved by them.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

First Look: The ONE Smart Piano


The One – Unique Digital Piano

Ambitious musicians intending to learn playing the piano can now check out `The One, which is a unique digital piano using iPad to compensation the learning curve connected in being proficient with the instrument. Usually to learn to play the piano one would need tutorials from a professional person. Digital lessons are now on the rise and this is a good means of learning to play the tune.

Earlier, several tried innovations were utilised in teaching tools such as Ion’s Piano Apprentice which was a system wherein LEDs were used on a 25-key, keyboard to guide the student in learning the skill. However the system was unrefined and the app it functioned with were not good at instructions. The new entry – The ONE Smart Piano’s new keyboard together with the accompanying lessons are an improvement to its predecessorsboth in terms of hardware as well as software.

`The ONE’ tends to ship in two versions, one a full size 88-key version with weighted keys which are velocity sensitive while The ONE Light is a 61-key, keyboard with non-weighted keys. The ONE Smart Piano models unlike the old Piano Apprentice which was sold at $69 are well made serious instruments, where lessons can be downloaded in a dedicated iOS app.

Classic Lesson – Video/Instructor

A classic lesson comprises of a video together with an instructor playing and showing the structure of it while teaching fingering with the LEDs on The ONE’ lighting up to guide the learner. Then turning off the LEDs enables the student to play unassisted which is similar to live teacher training the student. The iPad can get connected through a lightning cable though MicroUSB cables which are also included for Android usage.

The USB cable, a rather unusual choice, is a 3.0 desktop connector which is not seen before at the host end and lightning at the other and it is not clear on the option of using the on-the-go – OTG cable arrangement instead of the USB A connector that would have been available from all manufacturers. The app provided in The ONE Smart Piano with the ONE application enables the user to make a choice between Video tutorials, LED guided practice and KARA Game.

LED Guided Training

The LED guided training is a more traditional type of piano practice. The app tends to display sheet music, emphasizing the note on the staff display portraying the LEDs on the keyboard wherein the left hand notes turns to blue LED while the right hand notes indicated are in red LED and a female voice calls out numbers to support with fingering. Staff note exhibiting together with LED on the keyboard do not tend to change till the student plays them.

The staff music can be availed for in-app purchase at a cost of 99 cents. KARA Game is somewhat similar to Guitar Hero or Rock band for keyboard and the game seems to handle single player or two, playing sitting on the bench. The ONE, inspite of some very minor shortcomings, seems to be a very good learning tool for those interested in mastering the skills in playing the piano.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ecobee Becomes the First Homekit Thermostat

Ecobee3 Support Apple HomeKit

Ecobee Inc. recently had announced that the ecobee3 smarter Wi-Fi thermostat now tends to support Apple HomeKit enabling users to manage their environment in a better manner for comfort with regards to issues in their home. The company’s award winning thermostat introduced in 2009, had helped hundreds of consumers in controlling their home comfort, anytime and from anywhere, with the use of their smartphone, computer or tablet.

Connected thermostats are an easy choice in making a home a bit smarter and with the aid of the new HomeKit supported version of Ecobee; it could make things much easier. This amazing designed smart ecobee3 developed by the world’s first Wi-Fi connected smart thermostat is the first smart thermostat built with the support of the HomeKit which would be made available to consumers at Apple Stores in July at $250.

 Designed for the home with several rooms, the ecobee3 smarter Wi-Fi thermostat and remote sensors tend to measure the temperature as well as the occupancy in various locations. The outcome is increase in comfort when one is at home and energy saver while away. Ecobee3 considers varying temperature and starts preserving energy, delivering savings instantly on installation and saves homeowners with an average of 23 percent on their heating as well as cooling consumption.

Group Actions & Activate with Siri

Apple had introduced HomeKit in iOS for the purpose of communication and control connected accessories in the home of the user. It could be used to discover HomeKit accessories as well as configure them and utilise in creating actions in controlling those devices. Users could group actions together and activate them with the use of Siri.

The HomeKit is built on protected foundation with end to end encryption wherein customers are provided with secured connection between their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with HomeKit enabled attachment. Ecobee3 has been designed to be well-suited with 95% of residential heating and cooling systems in North America and does not need a C-wire while using the included Power Extender Kit.

Theoretically, Ecobee does not seem to be the only thermostat which works with HomeKit; however it is the only one which does not need a separate hub device like the Insteons’ thermostat and HomeKit hub. Ecobee3 users can control the thermostat using Siri voice commands like other HomeKit enabled products and can also handle various actions into scenes such as enabling users to turn down the heat and switching off connected lighting with a command.

Similar to Existing Version with Touch Display

In case of Apple TV as a hub, user can control HomeKit devices with Siri away from the house also. Besides HomeKit support, the new version Ecobee3 is similar to the existing version and has a touch display on the device offering companion apps for controlling temperature from phone, computer or tablet or Apple Watch. It also comes with a remote motion and temperature sensor which tends to adjust the home’s temperature based on which rooms are occupied.

Additional sensors are available at a cost of $79 each. However, for the existing Ecobee users, there is presently no system to add HomeKit support to previous models. Those who would not prefer the Apple platform, Ecobee is selling the non-HomeKit model at a discount price of $20.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Outdoor Tech Chips Helmet Headphone

Outdoor Tech Chips Headphones – Reliable & Durable/Easy Controlling

An updated version of a well-designed simple solution in is the offering for enhanced wireless connectivity to your helmet, which could be helpful for snowboarders and skiers interested in listening to music and stay connected during their expedition on the mountain. The new invention has been designed for winter mountain sports wherein the Outdoor Tech Chips are compatible on any helmet which features an audio enabled liner while the headset are compatible with Siri.

 It features an integrated microphone for the purpose of dictating commands as well as making calls. Both the left as well as the right earpieces of the Chips headphones are essentially giant buttons and one cannot miss them while pressing on them even if one is warmed up with ski gloves. This season, the Outdoor Tech Chips had been tested by AppleInsider on a ski trip to Utah which was very impressive. Though a bit higher on the cost, the headphones tend to be reliable and durable with an easy of controlling the iPhone without the need of taking it out of the pocket or even exposing the hands in the cold mountain air.

Simple Design – Two Earpieces/Flat Cord – Giro Helmet

It features a simple design comprising of two ear pieces having a flat cord which connects the two and fits perfectly in a Giro helmet. It also has additional cord to provide free space ensuring that the ear pieces are located in a proper position. Once the same is dropped in the helmet and placed on the head, the button on the left has the capabilities of controlling the volume while the button of the right earpiece could be used to play or pause the music or answer call and hang up.

It is easy to press on the ear to activate these if the helmet tends to have soft ear-pads with space for headphones. The two buttons come with a little bit of learning curve, typical for Bluetooth headphones and on the left ear, it could press the button once to increase the volume while a double press could decrease the volume. This system works well when the need to lower the volume is to be done quickly since multiple presses could reduce the volume.

Best of Both – Personal Audio Choices

With regards to the right ear, on holding down the button it turns on the unit and a one press will start the music while another tends to pause it. If a call comes in, one press can answer the call and another will hang up. The use of both buttons is essential for activating Siri by pressing and holding the left button and then pressing the right button for Apple’s voice driven personal assistant. The Chips also tend to feature a headphone jack in particularly welcome inclusion in order that they could be used as wired to iPhone or otherwise according to one’s choice.

Thus the Chips provide the best of both for personal audio choices. Moreover the 3.5 mm headphone jack also serves as the charging port; where for recharging the Chips, it needs a unique headphone to USB cable.With regard to the sounds, the Chips are quite audible and can be heard even while flying down the mountain, though users are cautioned to listen to the music at reasonable level keeping in mind the surrounding on the mountain which is a matter of importance with regards to safety.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

In Search Of Incredible

Asus zenfone 5
Lasting Incredible Impression

God made man and man-made money… Money made the world go round. Man has made great headway in the field of technology giving rise to great products which has helped in enhancing the lifestyle of individuals. With various new products, cell phones came into existence which started the trend of updated versions in mobile cells leading to smartphones and the rest. With the entry of smartphones, life continues to move on a faster space with most of the functions becoming much faster and easier inspite of which life moves on a roller coaster.

Companies have been competing with one another in bringing about the best products to the end users and while this competitions goes on, it makes me think on the things I could do on `My Superpower Phone’, a Zenfone series, given the option of the merest touch in quickening the daily functions of our lives which would be less tedious. The most prevalent issue in the present scenario is the pollution faced in every section of the atmosphere which is resulting in various health issues faced by people at large. In this technology world, a mobile phone is a constant companion of every individual as they age and mellow with each passing phase of life. My Superpower smart phone could be used to do the things I never dreamt to do before.

Power to Stop Pollution 

Given the opportunity of placing my views on the incredible, I would like to take the opportunity of using the phone in `Stopping the Pollution’ from interfering in the lives of individuals and the next generation to come. We come across various types of individuals who tend to `care or dare’ nature, preserving or destroying it with their different attitudes. Felling of trees is on the rise with no efforts done in replacing them resulting in health hazards. My Phone could be smart enough to impart information as well as prevent these occurrences which would help in the prevention of chopping down these trees.

Pollution of emission from vehicles is another hindrance affecting our health and I would also like to use my phone in bringing about awareness on the dangers of pollution. My Phone could be smartly used without offence to guide and implement action on issues with regards to nature, its depleting resources and the best contribution each individual could make in making this world a better place to live in. My Superpower Phone could also guide me bringing about these changes by eliminating pollution through my phone which could be helpful in saving our planet Earth and preserving it with all its richness of nature and enjoy a serene, peaceful life without the interference of any type of pollution affecting mankind.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Set Up and Use Touch ID, the iPhone Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint Scanner
As the iPhone 5S was launched, there was an additional security feature that caught the attention of tech buffs around the world. It was the fingerprint scanner, a great security feature that secures your iPhone and can be operated only after you swipe your finger on the scanner and the scanner recognizes your finger print. This technology uses your finger print as your pass code, which means that chances of getting hacked are almost zero, as every human being is known to have a unique finger print.

To use this great feature, you need to first set this up and then go on and use it.

Setting up Touch ID: Configuration is quite simple, as you need to first set up a pass code. Even though usage of passcode is substituted by the finger print by way of this application, a passcode is needed while setting up this up, in order to register your finger print in the machine. It is also needed in case you decide to change your finger print by way of using a new finger.

The Steps are quite simple:

a. To set up the touch ID feature, go to settings-General-Touch ID & Passcode-Touch ID.

b. Have a clean home button and a clean & dry finger.

c. Hold the phone normally and touch the home button.

d. Place your finger on the home button, and hold it until it vibrates.

e. Once the initial scanning is done, make small movements to your finger so that all areas of the finger are covered.

f. In case you face trouble scanning one finger, try another finger.

How to use the scanner: 

This feature is like carrying the passcode embedded, not having to remember it. You can always use this as a combination as well, passcode and finger print scanning, but that is like making life difficult for one self. For the scanner to recognize your finger print, you need to ensure that you use the finger that you have already enrolled.

This feature though comes with a small problem. This might not necessarily work for those who are involved with working with bare hands, as the finger prints on such hands are in danger of getting changed frequently. Even a minute change can result in your phone not getting unlocked.

To use this scanner, press the home button once to activate your phone, and keep your finger lightly on the button. The phone shall be unlocked. If due to any error, the finger print is not recognised, you will have to try again. Do not try more than 5 times as the phone gets factory locked. In such a scenario, try using the passcode.

This scanning feature can be used as a substitute to your Apple ID when making purchases on iTunes, App store, iBooks or any such transaction on your iPhone as well. A couple of prerequisites for this feature to function seamlessly are a clean home button and a clean & dry finger. So always ensure that your iPhone is clean and dry at all times!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Why Apple Hardware Is Redonkulously Over-Powered

Apple has been a pioneer when it comes to new products that take the market by storm, and it is no surprise that even after Steve Jobs, the company seeks to keep and extend its overpowering control of the market share. By pioneering, I mean that Apple always comes up with products which no other organization has thought about, equipping its machines with features that are almost too powerful for the machine to hold and the users to use.

Let us take the example of the 64-bit A7 processor that adorns the iPhone 5S. Does a Smartphone need a 64-bit processor, my god that’s too much.; Its like equipping an aircraft with rocket fuel, when you know that the aircraft will always use jet turbine fuel and never be used as a rocket, at least in the near future. A 64-bit processor can combine with a 4GB RAM, but then that is too much for a Smartphone, which comes with a maximum of 1GB RAM. So that’s a bit of an overloading.

Another prime example is the Mac Pro, a computer which is way too much of a computer. It is superfast, and has an ability to use graphics in ways more than you can imagine, which is ridiculous, as a vast majority of users are hardly going to need such stuff on their computers.

While we argue that Apple hardware is redonkulously overpowered and that such over kill of technically advanced hardware ends up overpricing the machine, there is also the ego that an apple product carries into this world. Such an attitude creates an aura around the product, even though practically speaking, such advanced hardware is of no use unless you have enough practical uses to put these hardware to.

Some advantages though of launching such over powering hardware are: 

a. Higher Benchmarks: By launching a product way ahead and powerful, you are setting higher benchmarks for competitors, where-in they try to match Apple products.

b. Durability: Such advanced products with higher prices also come with longer durability, thereby reducing your costs in the longer run.

c. Once an Apple, always an Apple: An Apple product once bought, becomes so unique that all your future purchases revolve around this product, due to the high initial cost which makes it indisposable as well as the fact that no other product in the market matches the speed and efficiency of such over powering devices.

In the present scenario, such an overkill may seem to be an excess of technology, but in the longer run, such an act of bravado could sow the seeds for inventions in line with such technological advancements from other organizations as well. Hoping for a better technological future!

Monday, January 20, 2014

How to control Apple TV with a third-party remote

Apple tv
Apple Televisions are becoming more and more popular and as it is normal with any new technology; different problems have started surfacing as usage increases. One of the most common issues with any television is the compatibility of remote control devices, with many equipments having specific remote controls that control that equipment, thereby making it compulsory on the users part to either ensure that the remote is kept in good condition or go back to the company for purchasing remote controls; in case the one you have fails. This throws open another challenge in the way of availability, as post a number of years the company tends to discontinue production of certain models as well as accessories that come with it.

Apple TV also faces a similar problem. What do you do? Are you aware that, a third party remote, which has come with some other equipment of yours, can now be paired to work seamlessly with the Apple TV. There are a few steps that you will need to follow to ensure that the Apple TV is paired with a remote control device other than the original one.

First select the remote that you want to use on your Apple TV. . There are numerous buttons on your remote and frankly, there are always some which do not have any use with the present set up that you will have. Select one of these buttons. This will serve as your Apple TV remote control button.

On the TV, open settings select General, press Remotes. There you will find an option called “Learn Remote”. From hereon, it is just a matter of following certain simple steps to pair this device with your TV.
Select Start. Apple TV will show icons that normally indicate the six buttons on an Apple remote. There will also be the Up or + button which needs to be in highlight mode. Using your remote, press and hold the button on your remote that you want to use on Apple TV. A blue progress bar will indicate the progress as far as the pairing is concerned. Once the progress bar is full, it is a clear indication that the pairing has been successful. One of the six instructions for an Apple remote has been converted to suit your remote. Similarly, you could follow the same steps to configure all the six functions.

A few programs that you could use for the other five are certain advanced features like playback, fast forward, rewind, next chapter etc

A couple of issues that could crop up when you are pairing are:

1. “No Signal Received” – Check the remote to ensure that the button you have decided to use has been enabled. Also check the battery strength of your remote.

2. “Button already learned” – This message appears if the button that you are using already has a function assigned to it. Select another button and repeat the pairing procedure.

Overall, an excellent feature that sadly, has not caught the eye of the consumer in a big way. This can certainly revolutionize the usage of televisions in times to come.

Friday, January 10, 2014

SteelSeries offers wireless game controller for iOS 7

wireless gamepad
SteelSeries introduces the first wireless gamepad for games especially for iOS 7. Up to four players can compete simultaneously on an iPhone or iPad. Who wants to play on his current iPad or iPhone with gamepad control, may yet resort to “pinch " Solutions Logitech or Moga .

Now SteelSeries has the first wireless gamepad Stratus presents at CES 2014 , which corresponds to the set by Apple's standards on games controller.

This means that for the Stratus an iPhone 5 , iPhone 5S, 5C iPhone or Fifth Generation iPod Touch is required. All games that support has been available since iOS Games 7 interface are compatible without further adjustments to the controllers.

Currently, among others, GTA San Andreas, Bastion and Call of Duty: Strike Team compatible with the standard. According to SteelSeries; Players can also dilly-dallying on HD TVs via Apple TV with Airplay. Stratus offers the classic controller design with a D- pad D-pad, a 4 -button layout, two analog mini- joysticks and four shoulder buttons.

In addition, it has an on and off switch and a pairing button for quick and easy Bluetooth connection to the iOS device. According to the manufacturer with a full load the battery lasts more than ten hours and has an average total charging time of two hours via the included USB cable.

For multiplayer matches up to four controllers with a single iOS device that can be connected, and in the middle of the controller is to display the red LED indicators to indicate the number of active players. The gamepad is now available on pre-order from the manufacturer for around 100 Euros.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Attractive satellite services to suit every need

satellite phone
Communication system has been making great headway with satellite provider catering to mobile satellite phones, equipments and services enabling their customers to stay connected with family, friends and colleague all across the world. Service provider in the internet world have been offering their best prices on Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium satellite airtime and equipments to suit the needs of their customers. They have on board some of the most refined and knowledgeable satellite specialists, who render all the support needed in making the right choice on product, solutions and services needed by their customers.

Besides this, they also offer free consultation and quotation to their customers on the services and product provided by them. The provider has a backing of over fifteen years of satellite sales experience behind them and are well versed in extending their services and support according to the customer’s requirement. The products and services offered are handheld satellite phones from Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya. Satellite internet with marine terminals, land fixed terminals, land portable terminals and in-motion terminals as well as personal, land and marine tracking systems.

The iridium sat phones from Iridium Communication Inc offers truly global voice and data communication coverage and have been advancing similar to global enterprises, conducting daily critical mission activities via reliable, real-time, communication services. It’s LEO or Iridium’66 low Earth orbiting cross linked satellite, is one of the largest commercial constellation in the world operating as a fully meshed network which is supported by various in orbit spares.

Iridium solutions are the best choice for industries namely aviation, maritime, mining, emergency humanitarian services, government military, oil and gas, forestry, heavy equipment, transportation and other utilities enabling them to reach over oceans via airways and across the Polar Regions. Moreover they also provide service to their subscribers from U.S. Department of Defense together with other civil and government utilities all over the world selling their products, services and solutions through service providers network as well as value added dealers. Consumers if interested in their products can request an online quote at their site for the best offer on their products and solutions.

Monday, December 30, 2013

4 Pieces of Technology Your Business Needs

If you are an entrepreneur who has just opened up a new company, you might have already determined that it isn’t easy to run a business without technology. We all know that technology serves a variety of benefits for businesses, from providing research tools to simply printing out our critical work documents. When we think of technology at work, we typically think about the usual, common items such as computers with internet service, keyboards, and projectors. However, what if there were other technological advancements which could provide you with a plethora of advantages? For instance, did you ever consider how beneficial an envelope printer could be? Here is a list of incredible forms of technology which can be useful for either the office or outside of work, which you might have not previously considered.
1. A Tablet
A tablet works almost like a mini computer, with all of the touchscreen features of a smartphone. With a tablet, you can access important apps, such as Dropbox, Kingsoft Office, TouchDown, and much more. These devices are light enough to carry with you to your meetings or even out to lunch. A tablet allows you to access your email as well, helping you to stay updated with important work information. This is a great way to stay in touch with your work outside of the office, since it can be transported nearly anywhere.
2. Envelope Printers
If you are searching for a way to mass-produce your mail, why not consider an envelope printer? Envelope printing is the ultimate way to meet the demands of high volume mailers. Envelope printing increases the efficiency of all of your direct mail campaigns by allowing you to place unique and even personalized messages on your envelopes that will encourage customers to take action. This is an excellent marketing strategy which will simultaneously boost your company’s productivity.
3. Scanners
A scanner is a very important part of your business. In the event that you need to digitalize a certain document, a scanner can make the process significantly easier. Once an image is scanned on the computer, it can be copied and edited accordingly. Additionally, it will remain stored on your work computer instantly, allowing you to always have that particular document. Scanning frees you from having file cabinets full of paper and allows you to have digital access to the documents needed. This preserves space and provides a greener alternative to filing.
4. Ergonomic Keyboards
Although these aren’t necessarily considered as technological as a tablet, ergonomic keyboards serve extremely helpful purposes for your business. For starters, an ergonomic keyboard can ensure the comfort of your employees through the ergonomic properties of the keyboard tray. It is a good way to avoid carpal tunnel or RSI (repetitive strain injury). Sometimes technology can serve our physical needs as well.
Whether you have just started out or you have been in business for years, these four ideas are perfect in case you are looking to spoil yourself or your employees. These pieces of technology serve a bountiful amount of purposes and will be sure to assist your company in the long run.
John Bowie is a CEO working in Philadelphia, PA. In his spare time, he enjoys writing about technology and business.