Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Apple Granted Patent for Wrist Worn Wearable

Apple has been working on a smartwatch device and the Cupertino Company has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the wrist worn wearable electronic device with strap capabilities, support for arm and wrist gestures together with advanced proximity sensing circuitry and much more features for the consumers. The device has been dubbed `iTime’ and fits appropriately with speculation regarding the so called iWatch smartwatch.

The claim of its creation as the title indicates, relates to a wrist worn devices which can be connected to other portables such as the computers, iPhone and even the watch’s straps which can integrate sensor with other circuitry to improve the device performance.

This new invention pertains to a convertible type of smartwatch which incorporated with a central electronic devicethat can be removed and secured to an advanced strap system and the idea is liken to Apple’s sixth generation iPod nano which spawned a cottage industry for ad-hoc solution and turned the media player to a wrist watch style device.

Potential Inclusion – GPS Module/Accelerometers/Wireless Communication Packages

With regards to operation, the system is based on converting the square shaped iPod nano into a smartwarch. Initial claims that the media play can be inserted in specially made straps which integrate several electrical components to enhance the capabilities of the device.

Besides, the document mentions sections like GPS modules, accelerometers, and wireless communication packages with haptic feedback mechanism as potentials for inclusion in the advanced strap structure.

Apple gives a briefing on how this `piconet’, works, wherein through either wired or wireless communication protocols, the wristwatch is operational by connecting to a cellular or internet connected device, Information can then be exchanged from iPhone to watch or from the watch to iPhone on user’s request or automatically.

In a single embodiment, the watch is capable of receiving notification which could be initiated from a nearby phone, thereby alerting the user either via audio, visual or vibration.

Once the user has been alerted, he has the option to take out the iPhone or check the notification from the watch which could be in the form of onscreen, audio output like system speakers or headphones.

Contingency for Arm and Wrist Gestures 

Several embodiment enable incoming phone calls, text messages together with social and news network feed besides other information which can be displayed on the wristband’s display.

The app can tap into the functions providing their own notifications probably through iOS APIs and data is pushed to the wearable though users will be able to handle the information directly by inter-acting with the device source.

Moreover the wristband can also be linked to an iPhone to alert the user when left behind by mistake, or stolen or out of range and though not mentioned in the IP, appropriate communications protocol for this function would be Bluetooth4.0 which supports proximity based operations.

Apple is considering a wristband based remote input and output interface enabling a high level control for mobile phone which is known as a smartwatch.There is a contingency for arm and wrist gestures instead of controlling the smartwatch with the use of fingers and users would be able to bounce, shake, tap of interact with the device through physical movements.

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