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Friday, July 18, 2014

All In One App For Your Smartphone

In this technology world, smartphones and internet have been ruling the show and have influenced the system of communication besides providing all the required information and details needed by individuals.

Enhancing the use of technology, an Android application which is powerful enough in bringing about the quickest and easiest means of navigation as well as obtaining useful information, classified, great deals etc. has been made available by Askme which is a free app for all interested users.

All this is made available on one’s Smartphone screen and this application can bevery useful where everyone presently is in possession of mobile devices. While on the go, individuals can now make use of the facilities provided in the technology world, making various functions and activities much quicker and easier than bygone days.

Askme app also known as `The Bapp of all Apps’, is a one-in-all app which has made it possible in providing details of millions of businesses in the locality and power of searching is all present on the smartphone.

It provides the basic details together with the contact details of local business listing which may be useful to the user. When the need of searching for a store and its contact details arises, this app makes it possible to obtain the required details before visiting the stores or even making an online purchase.

Various Benefits with Simple UI

One can post advertisement by using Askme which can be profitable to the user since the level of audience here is very large. One can get to know about the latest local business dealswhich are available there to draw the attention of the viewer who could take advantage of the same.

Shopping online is also made easy with simple UI online portals in this app and by using askmeBazaar one can purchase a variety of products from this online portal. This app provides several benefits such as enabling the user in searching and locating business within the vicinity, take the opportunity of the latest deals and offers placed by favourite local businesses, check on addresses and contact numbers from various business and call them from the Askme app instantly, check on the updated classified on real estate, cars, jobs and various other products listed.

Application for Smartphone Users in India

Moreover, users also have the opportunity of going through reviews posted there by other users, which will provide good insight and information from the users’ experience to the other users thus enabling them in making appropriate and quick decisions.

Besides these, one can also add reviews, photos and other tips for favourite businesses, share favourite business with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter and SMS. Business information like rating, payment methods with opening hours could also help in making choices much easier for the user.

The design of the user interface is very powerful and intuitive which brings about an easy and concise list of products that are provided in a systematic and efficient manner than other apps. Taking into account its productive features and simple UI,with adequate database. Askme app is one of those applications for all Smartphone users in India.