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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Updated iTunes U – Great New Tool for Education Content

iTune U
Apple has now updated iTunes U enabling teachers in creating, editing and managing lessons and course through the iPad, With this updates to iTunes U, it will help educators and students with great new tools to build and experience education content on an iPad.

 From July 8th, teachers using the free iTunes U app for the first timecan now create edit as well as manage their entire course directly through the iPad while students will find new discoveries to collaborate with the ability to start class discussion as well as ask questions right from their iPad. According to Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, he states that `Education is at the core of Apple’s DNA and iTunes U is an incredibly valuable resource for teachers and students’.

 He further stated that `iTunes U features an amazing selection of academic material for all around the world and now with the ability to manage better and discuss education content, learning has become even more personalized on iPad’.

Giving Teachers the Liberty to Create & Organise 

The free educational service’s new tool helps teachers in adding learning materialiBook Author,iWork or any of the 75,000 educational apps for iPad as well as photos and videos, in a package which is accessible to students. With the advantage of the built in camera on iPad, teachers also have the opportunity to capture photos and videos to incorporate real world subject matter needed for their course and instantly making relevant content available to their students.

The Head of computing and IT at Cedars School of Excellence in Scotland, Fraser Speirs had stated that `iTunes U is the most powerful destination in bringing the entire educational experience to life on iPad. By giving teachers the liberty in creating and organizing courses right on iPad, educators can be focussed better in enabling students’ participation both with the content and with one another.

Debates and Get Engaged in Conversation 

Moreover, students can also have debates and get engaged in conversations through the service’s discussion feature and teachers can moderate and remove off topic messages. Besides this, teachers and lecturers at all stages of education can use iTunes U to create lessons, coursework, book, test and lectures and students can access the information.

Universities and school also have the opportunity in setting up their own iTunes U site where the free app is made available for download. Students with iPad and who have enrolled in private iTunes U courses will now have the availability to all their requirements to collaborate with their classmates as well as the teachers.

With the help of the Discussion in the iTunes U app, students can now automatically engage themselves in classroom discussions as well as join in conversation on new topics and also set up push notification when new topics come up or replies are added to active exchanges. Forum participation for teachers is also possible with the ability to moderate discussion by deleting any off topic messages.

ITunes U has helped teacher to create courses inclusive of lectures, books, quizzes, assignments etc. for many iOS users and with over 750,000 individuals learning material made available on iTunes U app, it is one of the world’s largest online catalog with free educational content from prominent organizations and top schools.