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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Marsh Supermarkets and Inmarket Launching First Ibeacon Platform for iWatch

iBeacon Platform for Apple’s Wearable Product

Marsh, one of the first retailer using UPC Barcode scanners in 1974, will now be extending the iBeacon platform beyond smartphones to Apple Watch in 2015. inMarket’s mobile at retail platform, since 2010, had led millions of consumer product towards the stores all across the country and over 100 brands have influenced inMarket in engaging shoppers at the most receptive time, causing in verified sales lift. inMarket’s SDK will enable shoppers with Marsh app, shopping app on the inMarket Beacon platform with Apple Watch app and obtain contextual mobile experience in the store.

Marsh Supermarket together with inMarket has recently announced the launch of a closed-loop iBeacon platform throughout the 75 supermarket locations of Marsh, providing shoppers with Apple Watch and Smartphone, the opportunity of having their favoured apps to come alive in store which is the world’s first iBeacon wearable integrations at retail. Userswould be receiving interactive alerts together with other content on their devices depending on the proximity to Marsh’s beacons. The program being the first integration of iBeacon technology with Apple’s wearable product is expected to be launched to the consumers in the next several months.

New Way of Connecting with Mobile Shoppers

iBeacons is creating new ways of connecting with mobile shoppers in the store with inMarket enabling them to reach many shoppers through the app which is a favourite and is used daily, according to Senior Director of Customer Loyalty, Amit Bhardwaj, of Marsh Supermarkets.

 He states that, now with wearable integrations, shoppers using Apple Watch would be enjoying the same digitally augmented real world shopping experience.Marsh together with inMarket are working in developing a platform which will initially have March’s own app as well as inMarket’s List Ease app together with other apps to follow in quickly.

As seen in inMarket’s beacons in Marsh stores, it will enable trigger alerts like shopping list, ads as well as other content with Marsh mobile app or one of the apps that may incorporate inMarket’s Proximity SDK.Users who prefer to opt for the program would be receiving offers; recipes as well as other alerts on their mobile devices while they walk through the store and the system would automatically extend to Apple Watch the same day as the apps are updated, adding support to the device.

Marsh, First in Extending Apple’s iBeacon Capabilities

Marsh could be the first in extending Apple’s iBeacon capabilities to the Apple Watch though it is not the first in adopting the location based technology. Other retailers among the early adopters who rolled out iBeacons in their own respective venues are Macy’s, Major League and Virgin Atlantic airlines. According to CEO, Todd Dipaola, of inMarket, states that, mobile is not just the phone anymore.

It includes any device that conforms to life and helps based on `who’ you are, `where’ and even `when’ you are and it is aamazing time for consumers and commerce as digital and physical experience converge.Marsh and inMarket are the first to extend iBeacon enhancement for over millions of smartphone users to the new audience of `wearers’, with Apple Watch integration.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Apple iBeacon - Micro Location Technology

The Federal Communications Commission – FCC filing discovered recently in-depth details on Apple’s first branded piece of iBeacon compatible beacon hardware indicated that the company would very soon introduce the micro location technology to consumer spaces like the `smart homes’.

This was reported by TUAW after the documents were spotted by Securifi. According to OET’s paperwork, `Apple iBeacon’, as the device is labelled, carries the model number A1573.

The original equipment application is the first sign which Apple is testing on in-house hardware solution for location aware iBeacon technology, being filed with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s Office of Engineering and Technology- OET. Hardware testing had been done in collaboration with Audix Technology, a facility that was owned by the Chinese company, running assessments by conducting shielding enclosure, semi-anechoic chamber with other equipment, somewhere by April end or mid-May.

The beacon tested had a diameter of around 5.46” and had an operating range between 2402 MHz and 2480 MHz, with the highest frequency of 2.4 GHz in line with the latest Bluetooth protocol specification and the testing passed in all areas inclusive of three selected frequencies was 2402 MHz, 2440 MHz and 2480 MHz.

iOS Enabled Device for Communicating with Transmitter 

The iBeacon technology originally introduced at WWDC 2013, is iOS enabled device for communicating with transmitters through Bluetooth to deliver important information to apps and services whenever the user is within the range, `Made for iPhone, Apple’s introduction with iBeacon specification in February, has brought about an important role for the technology in its services and devices.

However, companies so far have been using third party transmitters such as the Estimote Beacon to work with the technology as well as iOS devices while shopping app Shopkick and Macy’s partnered at the time of holiday season to integrate the technology into stores, last year.

Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association used iBeacons to enhance live events. Apple’s iBeacon has a combination of specialized Bluetooth 4.0 beacons together with wireless data connectivity for location based content services for devices like iPhone or iPad while Bluetooth Low energy beacons can vary transceiver sensitivity with location aware deployment on controlling the system’s effective range.

Capabilities of turning iOS Device into Temporarily Discoverable Beacon 

Besides a dedicated hardware, Apple’s iBeacon platform also has the capabilities of turning iOS device with Bluetooth 4.0 support into a temporarily discoverable beacon and while the company has developed the technology for iBeacon, companies have been rendering services based on hardware use platform made by third party providers since Apple has been using Qualcomm Gimbal products in its own stores.

In the event of the launch, it is yet unknown if Apple intends the product to be marketed to businesses or consumers and it is speculated that the small beacon device would work well with forthcoming feature of iOS 8 like the HomeKit. It is a framework for `smart home’, software and hardware makers.

This forthcoming feature, HomeKit enables monitoring as well as controlling of connected devices such as A/V equipment, lights and other appliances with iOS.

 A HomeKit iBeacon setting could be the most automated home ecosystems on the market with iBeacon installed in home sensing users’ iPhone or iWatches which would be worn by them daily together with Apple TV handling connected device and appliance control.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Apple’s iBeacon technology at forthcoming Coachella Music & Art Festival

From the latest app updates, it is reported that at the forthcoming Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival, the audience will have on-site iBeacons which will push notification with other information to users as they walk the grounds at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.

The 2014 Coachella iOS app includes support for Apple’s iBeacon; Bluetooth enabled micro location technology capable of delivering proximity aware notification, information and navigation to the users. Beacons are a low cost hardware which is small enough to be attached to a wall or countertop which is battery operated, low energy Bluetooth connections to transmit messages directly to a Smartphone or tablet and can be used to transform how retailers, event organizers, educational institutions, transit system etc communicate with people indoors.

Coachella’s website states, ‘Use Bluetooth to interact with beacons placed around the grounds’, though it is unknown how the festival plans are likely to implement this technology. Recent deployments include the NFL’s Super Bowl installation at major events and an interactive scavenger hunt at CES. Apple launched iBeacon enabling it in their stores using Bluetooth and has been making great progress in implementing great products.

iBeacon for in-store help

Customers will find iBeacon a lot helpful while going around shopping and if a store has the system in place, finding in-store help and receiving information related to products, according to the location would be much easier and quicker since iBeacon has the potential of being an inherent part of a shopping activity.

After introducing iBeacon as a part of iOS 7 in the year 2013, third party implementation of the location aware tech are gradually moving out with Major League Baseball announcing plans in February to deploy beacons in over 20 ballparks by opening day.

The Apple Store App uses Bluetooth to gather location based information from iPhone users and while the technology has received mixed reviews, it seems to be a cool concept especially for retailers while others find privacy an issue. Retailers are getting in on the act like Macy’s stores and pilot programs at various grocery stores.

Download App for free at the Festival

Apple takes credit for the largest rollout so far after its installation of beacons last December in US Apple Store and customers using iBeacon have found it helpful with regards to in-store help, avail location aware product information and purchase items quickly with EasyPay.

Recently, the Dutch micro location firm, LabWek, launched mApp an iBeacon based platform which was designed for interactive museum exhibits. Those who will be attending Coachella which is likely to be held from April 11th to 18th can take the opportunity of downloading the app for free from the iOS App store.

Coachella organizer Goldenvoice together with the updated app has also released set time and added new acts to the latest list of performers. The organizers of the popular music and art festival Coachella are all out for iBeacon and the latest update is that the technology is likely to be used during this great event.

The official festival website also states that using the mobile app, attendees can also use Bluetooth to interact with beacons which may be placed all around the ground.