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Monday, October 8, 2018

Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto which is better?

Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto
Credit:Nissan Guam

Apple Carplay vs Android Auto: No answer to user’s current dilemma

There are a number of car owners and buyers for whom how their cars interact with their smartphone is a great concern though it might appear trivial to many. This new thinking and the need to keep phone in sync with the car have brought the two old tech competitors back to wrestle for the supremacy. Currently the automobile makers are offering to major offering to the users being the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This has resulted into the inevitable Apple Carplay vs Android Auto which is loved by all the respective fanboys globally.

Apple CarPlay comes with limited capabilities of iOS

A number of cars had started embracing the Apple CarPlay acts as the interface of the car's built-in infotainment system. It comes with quite a limited capability similar to the iPhone devices but it exclusively requires the smartphone in order to make use of it. A number of cars will need the wired connection in between the car and iPhone but many are expected to offer similar pairing over wireless connections in upcoming days.

When it comes to features Apple CarPlay comes loaded with a number of exclusive and essential features like music, map, navigation and hands-free calling. Since it is Apple based so users will be utilizing varied Apple only applications like Apple Maps, Apple Music or iTunes and it even allows sending and receiving messages on the go.

Apple CarPlay is supported by about 200 car models across the major automobile makers. In some of vehicle Apple CarPlay will also show the support for steering wheel controls. It will also boast of the support of Siri which can get most of job done by simple voice commands. However, the voice control powered by Siri isn't as great as it happens to be with iPhones.

Android Auto brings better feature and familiar capabilities

Android Auto isn't much different from Apple CarPlay but it happens to be a better alternative. Android being an open ecosystem benefits from it in every genre and here it isn’t a surprise anymore. It offers a slightly large array of functionality and capability which powers the car's in-built info system better. The display of infotainment system acts just like second screen of your Android device and touch navigation becomes a breeze with the presence of large buttons.

When it comes Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto then the likely winner is no other than Android which with its support for the wider range of voice commands. It also supports a huge array of app like for Music users can choose from Pandora, Spotify to any other.

For messaging there is Facebook's Messenger, for video calling there is Skype, for navigation Google apps is there but users can also use other apps like Waze. Google had claimed that Android Auto is supported for more than 400 car models spanning all the major automobile makers.

The only downside here happens to be fact that Android Auto is only supported on the device running on Android Lollipop or later.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Apple’s CarPlay – Installed in 24 M Vehicles

According to ABI Research, Apple’s CarPlay API for iPhone integration will be dominating the auto industry which will be installed in more than 24 million vehicles in another five years.

API in its report points to announcements from over half a dozen manufacturers who intend to install CarPlay in new vehicles which include Audi, BMW, Ford, Jaguar/Land Rover, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota and Volvo.

Apple would be able to reach the milestone with the number of automakers coming on board as partners and the company’s potentials to drive the interest in its latest product, according to report from market research firm ABI Research.

Filomena Berardi, ABI analyst, states that `many believe that Apple is creating further fragmentation and ripple effect in the industry by not being open, though with Apple on the scene, it certainly draws greater attention to in-car apps and now with the Android Auto standard on the scene, both will certainly drive adoption of in-car apps’.Apple had unveiled CarPlay, iOS in the car, at the time of the 2013 edition of its annual developer’s conference in San Francisco and had announced the first CarPlay with equipped models at the Geneva Motor Show.

This will enable drivers to place phone calls, access contacts, listen to voicemail messages as well as control apps like MLB at Bat and Pandora by using Siri or through their car’s in-dash touchscreen on connecting to a compatible iPhone.

Specification – Mirrored to Vehicle’s infotainment System

The specification of CarPlay enables an iPhone to be mirrored to a vehicle’s infotainment system at the time the smartphone is being charged and once the infotainment system is connected, the iPhone is controlled by voice, through the car’s built in touchscreen or by steering wheel-mounted controls.

Drivers, through CarPlay, will be able to use the voice recognition service, Siri, to have text messages read out loud, reply through voice and obtain contact information from an iOS device in making phone calls. CarPlay also has the option of Apple Maps navigation service and has been competing with proprietary interfaces like in Ford’s Sync system together with industry open source specifications like MirrorLink and GENIVI, championed by industry groups.

Search giant Google, earlier this year, announced that it would begin an Open Automotive alliance –QAA while its standards will be dubbed Android Auto and the overall function mirrors that of CarPlay but would be working only with Android devices.

Open Sourced – MirronLink/GENIVI/QAA

API reports that MirrorLink together with GENIVI and QAA have positioned themselves as `open sourced’, and could be considered as competitors which goes against being open. API Research is also of the belief that the uptake of MirroLink would be significant though predicts that additional cars would be fitted with CarPlay and without an open eco system; carmakers will have to collaborate with more partners.

Vice President of Automotive Industry Advisory Services at Gartner, Thilo Kowlowski stated that auto makers should do a better job in offering mobile technology or have it taken away by rivals in the technology industry. Koslowski further pointed to Google, its self-driving car, digital distribution platforms like Google Play together with in-car smartphone connection platforms like CarPlay with signs of improved facilities in store.