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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New Developer Update On Apple Watch Introduces Theater Mode

 Apple Watch
Apple Watch is here to stay and it has been made clear a while ago by the Apple even though the smartwatch industry going through the dull phase. Apple has exclusively rolled out update for developers with WatchOS 3.0 wherein it has enhanced the support for Siri along with the amazing Theatre Mode.

Let’s talk about smartwatch market at first which is growing at a very low rate with continuous downfall in shipments with each passing quarter some industry analyst are predicting that the bubble is about to bust. However Apple standing the smartwatch category is special as it controls both the hardware and software division which ensures its devices gets best of features, security along with longer support than other devices.
More features for Siri

Apple is getting stiff competition when it comes to innovation by Microsoft with the launch of the Windows 10 Continuum model in 2016. Currently Siri support has been expanded to the iOS, MAC, Apple TV as well as Watch. Apple is bringing the new SiriKit to the developers with this new update which will open the possibility for the SmartWatch to interact with a number of third party apps and executes a number of following commands.

In short developers will be able to run thirds party apps such as can booking apps and book a cab on the go right from their Apple Watch. Siri will become smarter than ever before as it will be able to write down messages, take takes for booking a cab proactively as well as do other needful tasks by accessing varied apps on the watch apart from the default apps. Apple official website gives more insight into the enhanced features in Siri which includes searching through photos, making digital payments, calling, messaging, accessing workouts history through Apple Health app and much more.

Theatre Mode on a Smartwatch

If you are thinking of watching movies and videos in the exciting fashion by rolling up your sleeves and peering at your wrist then you are simply mistaken. Theatre Mode update doesn’t have to do anything with videos or movies rather its simply puts watch in the silence mode wherein display is turned off and can’t be turned on by wrist movements. However even in the Theatre Mode Apple Watch will keep receiving notification and users will be able to respond though screen tap or pressing the crown. Quite interestingly this mode first appeared in the Android Wear devices like Moto 360.

Some of new features include offsetting the audio files. At the moment users can employ their Apple Watch to control the music being played on their iPhone wherein they can also skip tracks, change volume as well as mark favorites effortlessly. Still users can’t seek from one point in the song to another which is known as offset in technical terminology. Apple is offering such capability right on the smartwatch to make music listening a more interesting and effective fashion.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Apple Granted Patent for Wrist Worn Wearable

Apple has been working on a smartwatch device and the Cupertino Company has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the wrist worn wearable electronic device with strap capabilities, support for arm and wrist gestures together with advanced proximity sensing circuitry and much more features for the consumers. The device has been dubbed `iTime’ and fits appropriately with speculation regarding the so called iWatch smartwatch.

The claim of its creation as the title indicates, relates to a wrist worn devices which can be connected to other portables such as the computers, iPhone and even the watch’s straps which can integrate sensor with other circuitry to improve the device performance.

This new invention pertains to a convertible type of smartwatch which incorporated with a central electronic devicethat can be removed and secured to an advanced strap system and the idea is liken to Apple’s sixth generation iPod nano which spawned a cottage industry for ad-hoc solution and turned the media player to a wrist watch style device.

Potential Inclusion – GPS Module/Accelerometers/Wireless Communication Packages

With regards to operation, the system is based on converting the square shaped iPod nano into a smartwarch. Initial claims that the media play can be inserted in specially made straps which integrate several electrical components to enhance the capabilities of the device.

Besides, the document mentions sections like GPS modules, accelerometers, and wireless communication packages with haptic feedback mechanism as potentials for inclusion in the advanced strap structure.

Apple gives a briefing on how this `piconet’, works, wherein through either wired or wireless communication protocols, the wristwatch is operational by connecting to a cellular or internet connected device, Information can then be exchanged from iPhone to watch or from the watch to iPhone on user’s request or automatically.

In a single embodiment, the watch is capable of receiving notification which could be initiated from a nearby phone, thereby alerting the user either via audio, visual or vibration.

Once the user has been alerted, he has the option to take out the iPhone or check the notification from the watch which could be in the form of onscreen, audio output like system speakers or headphones.

Contingency for Arm and Wrist Gestures 

Several embodiment enable incoming phone calls, text messages together with social and news network feed besides other information which can be displayed on the wristband’s display.

The app can tap into the functions providing their own notifications probably through iOS APIs and data is pushed to the wearable though users will be able to handle the information directly by inter-acting with the device source.

Moreover the wristband can also be linked to an iPhone to alert the user when left behind by mistake, or stolen or out of range and though not mentioned in the IP, appropriate communications protocol for this function would be Bluetooth4.0 which supports proximity based operations.

Apple is considering a wristband based remote input and output interface enabling a high level control for mobile phone which is known as a smartwatch.There is a contingency for arm and wrist gestures instead of controlling the smartwatch with the use of fingers and users would be able to bounce, shake, tap of interact with the device through physical movements.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Is the iWatch in danger?

On the way Apple iWatch is struggling with problems. MacRumours reported that the screen of the smart clock consumes too much power. Therefore Apple is thinking about better alternatives. Furthermore, they have stopped a prototype test.

t is most likely to hurt Apple since Bryan James left the company. James was worked on the iPod project and he was also a part of the iWatch teams. Now he moved to Nest Labs. Despite the setbacks, the team is still large enough, Apple could meet the schedule. Rumors predict that it may be released on or before the end of 2014.

First rumors to iWatch came on in December 2012. The Chinese blog TGBUS reported, citing informants, it shed more light that Apple is working together with Intel on a smart watch. The gadget should have a 1.5 -inch OLED display and connect via Bluetooth with mobile devices. A report published in February 2013 patent application from 2011 also includes plans for devices with flexible screen and a solar cell as an energy source. IOS operating system is to be used.

 How serious Apple in a project is reflected with the number of employees working in a particular project. Both the Financial Times and Bloomberg said that Apple staff for the iWatch increased massively. Over one hundred developers and designers should take forward the work on the smart clock. A first version was tested already tested by Apple according to a report in the New York

Times in February 2013. Analysts hold a launch in 2014 may be realistic. As the Guardian reported, also the production contract for the SmartWatch has already been awarded to the The Taiwanese Company Quanta and Inventec making the smart clock in 60:40 ratios. According to Angela McIntyre from market research firm Gartner the starting price of Smartwatch may be around 149-199 U.S. dollars.