Saturday, October 8, 2011

Apple and iCloud Developers

Less than a week of opening icloud the public Apple breaks new pedagogy for developers iOS. This is to optimize the weight of their applications, knowing they are backed up daily in the cloud when you're in the presence of Wi-Fi. Some good practices should be observed on the place - inside the application - that stores its different data, to prevent them from being sent to icloud. The idea with icloud is that the user can find it on any of its IOS devices (or new) applications, documents and settings.
But not given "temporary" that can be retrieved from the network (a wire or a news picture gallery for example). Therefore instructs the developer to ensure that things are properly arranged so that the application finds a slim waist. For the record, icloud is available by default with a storage space 5 GB of free applications, however, purchased music, or photo feeds, for example do not start this quota.

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