Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cards or the revival of iCards

Cards will be iOS that were iCards web in the early 2000s. This application will be available for free download will send cards that can be customized at will. They may be virtual or tangible as any postcard. But in this case, it will of course get hold portfolio is $ 3 for a card sent to the U.S. and $ 4.99 for worldwide. Nothing very original, many similar services already exist. This is the case among other Popcarte that can do the same thing.

Will not go back on the 10 new iOS 5 that were presented at the developer conference (WWDC): Notifications, IMessage, Reminder, Integration Twitter, Booth iOS, Camera, with direct shortcut on the Home screen by double-tap, Game Center, Booth iOS, Safari and Mail. Note that just Forstall showed the Facebook application for iPad without explicitly mentioning as it is still not available.The main information of his address will remain the date of availability iOS 5 to be proposed to the public October 12. This update will be available free to iPhone owners 4, iPhone 3G, and iPad iPad 2, iPod touch, 3G and 4G. Apple offers a GM tonight to developers, who can submit their applications to the App Store iOS (read: iOS 5: GM is available).Find my Friends: new feature icloud Eddy Cue succeeded Scott Fortsall. The general manager of online services Apple began by recalling the features lights icloud: iTunes Match, Photo feeds, documents, in addition to mails, contacts and calendars. On this occasion, he introduced a new feature associated with icloud: Find my Friends, that will quickly locate your friends if they are finally in agreement. This service is very reminiscent of Latitude. That could revive the controversy about geolocation, although the service is protected by a system of temporary location, and parental control.icloud and versions of iWork will be available for IOS compatible together IOS 5 on 12 October.iTunes Match for his part in reaching the end of the United States.

Set to launch in the U.S. at the end of the month and in other countries (France?) By the end of the year. Apple's new service will be charged $ 25 per year.iPod: Small touch-ups! While iPod sales are not what they were, Apple has introduced various amendments to nano. On the agenda: a journal interface with larger icons to navigate more easily on the small screen of the player whose appearance has not changed. Phil Schiller introduced the new range, has also introduced the new Nike + integration, which now does not need to dongle to function.

The shape of the iPod nano that inspired accessories, which turned it into shows, Apple has revised the Clock function. It now offers 16 new styles of clock, including the colors, yes, Mickey Mouse.The iPod nano will be available in seven colors. In an attempt to boost sales of its Walkman, Apple has lowered its prices: € 139 for 8 GB (a decrease of € 30) and € 169 for 16GB (down from € 40 ).The Shuffle is still offered € 59 for his part as the iPod classic is go again, while everyone buried.As expected, Apple also offers a very minor update to the iPod touch. It is now available in white and contains no major changes in hardware. Prices have been revised downwards: € 199 for 8 GB (-40 €), € 299 (-10 €) for the 32GB and € 399 (- € 10) for the 64 GB

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