Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kindle complete overview of 2011

Meanwhile the marketing of Kindle Kindle Touch and Fire, we could not resist, we bought the new Kindle entry. Here is a comprehensive ... At the multitouch keyboard Kindle 2010 seemed unnecessary and took too much room for the rest of the unit. So side by side, even if they have a screen the same size, the new Kindle is all pokey. It is also lighter since the passage loses 70 grams.
More compact, lighter, but also with poorer self if we are to believe that Amazon says that its "shelf" can take one month without having to reload the box, two times less than its big brother in Wi -Fi. The storage capacity is also lower: 2 GB 4 GB cons What are all the same store more than 1400 pounds.

Rumor has it that Amazon is launching very soon the tablet in France. While some still had doubts, remember that for the first time, the system software of the reading light to Amazon is available in French. It also has the advantage of having a dictionary in our language. It is at first glance the only real novelty of the system software 4.0 comes with this unit. It is also possible to change the language on the fly in the preferences. Among the small changes that you notice immediately when handling for the first time this unit is the work of Amazon on the side buttons to move from one page to another. They are slightly harder and noise is slightly less ugly. More compact, the Kindle has never looked as much like a book. And with this new format, its handling is very nice.
The bottom of the screen is a little less contrast than the old model: the blacks are still black, but whites are less white. However the difference is not obvious either. Like the Touch Nook we tested last week, it has an e-Ink display that allows newer spare a full refresh of the display (fade to black to white) each page. This phenomenon does not disappear completely, however, it happens fairly regularly, every 3-6 pages. Not only is it very nice, but it gives the impression of greater responsiveness.
Like Apple, Amazon has a sense of detail. Standby, instead of paying tribute to some great writers like its predecessor, Kindle 2011 highlights the book as object (the hard copy) showing all the things necessary for its manufacture (lead printing for example). The fact of not having a keyboard makes it paradoxically be easier to understand. Amazon is in minimalism. Besides the buttons to change pages, the Kindle has a button to go back, another to call the virtual keyboard, one to return to the home page, another to call the menus and a final installment for the watch out. It also allows a small joypad to walk around the text or in the menus. The absence of a physical or virtual keyboard is it embarrassing? That is the question in the end. And everything depends on how you use a reading light. The system keyboard is lousy, but it shows its limits. Suffice it to enter a password or Wi-Fi to the rigor of research time to time, but if you're style to write notes, go your way ...
Sold for € 99 in Germany (we imagine it will be the same price in France), the reading light has everything it takes to be a hit. Simple, fast, effective ... A very bad news for competition does not offer anything decent for less than 150 € (with e-Ink screens). Even the commander from, it is cheaper than its competitors. Hope it help democratize digital readout that so hard to take off in France.

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