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Friday, March 2, 2012

MWC 2012: Viewsonic overview of dual SIM ViewPhone 4s

Most phones with two SIM slot is dedicated to developing countries, where they change operators depending on time of day to get the best price, and are not necessarily the highest quality. 

At the Mobile World Congress, Viewsonic has introduced a device designed for other users of these telephones, professionals who do not want the hassle of a personal device. The ViewPhone 4s is a dual SIM smartphone that has nothing to envy to the iPhone.

The comparison with the iPhone is also obvious: unlike most of Android smartphones that emphasize formats beyond 4 ", the ViewPhone 4s is" satisfied "with a 3.5" screen.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

IPhone OS Project: Fadell gives his version

Vic Gundotra, senior vice president at Google, he does not say enough about its competitor "Scott is a pretty amazing type. For the management of a team developing an operating system, it is one of the best I've seen." Businessweek points out, however some of his mistakes, more substantial anecdotal or even if he was not directly responsible. One during a keynote when disguised as a scientific and an iPhone he missed a demo supposed to be funny. A wolf that Steve Jobs reminded him several times in the teasing in meetings that followed. Then there was the case of the iPhone 4. 

Jobs wanted to limit the number of prototypes that engineers could carry with them. Forstall persuaded his boss to let a few dozen of his men take the future iPhone to test it under real conditions of use. The rest is history. Random factors that did not prevent the vice president to consolidate his position at Apple. He also pushed the acquisition of Quattro Wireless, which became iAd and was counsel for the acquisition of the origin of Siri. It is said also well received by developers iOS third parties. A community in which Apple said it had donated $ 3 billion in two years that the App Store opened. Analysts and developers who have had to work or chat with Forstall stressed his ability to listen: "Forstall took detailed notes, without pen, paper, or laptop.

 "He listens to you and starts typing on his iPhone," said Matt Murphy, partner at Kleiner Perkins and the manager of a fund that invests in iOS developers. "You think he does not care what you say and he is sending an SMS, and then you realize that it is taking notes." Asked about the possibility of transforming the iPhone into a credit card with NFC (Near Field Communication) has answered more questions, about how developers can benefit from this and what it would bring to users. Clearly, a free technology uses concrete marketing has no immediate interest. It would also have refused to large developers have priority access to the validation of their securities, and that in fairness. The article ends with the close relationship that bound Forstall and Jobs. 

The second liked to see the future developments of Ios, in the same way he took a particular pleasure to have a look on the work of Jonathan Ive and his team installed a floor above. Like Cook, Forstall has probably lost both a mentor and ally with the disappearance of Jobs.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Phases of iPhone for the last 4 year

Presented June 7, 2010 by Steve Jobs at WWDC 2010, iPhone 4 began his career on June 24 of that year: he thus celebrates its first anniversary. Contrary to what one might think, this is not the first time any iPhone passes the course of the marketing year without a successor has been presented: for a few days, the iPhone original holds the record for longevity.

The iPhone is 4 for the first time in the form of a photo stolen from the site Engadget, April 17, 2010. Two days later, the same model spread of Gizmodo. This is actually a prototype lost in a bar in Redwood City by Gray Powell, an Apple engineer. Whoever found it made the rounds of American media in search of a buyer: Gizmodo, a subsidiary of Gawker who made his fortune on the news "people", bought for $ 5 000. Thus begins the "case Gizmodo," culminating in a police raid in Jason Chen, the site editor a few days after he made the prototype to Apple. The investigation has since been suspended.

We forget sometimes, but a second prototype was circulated: Taoviet, a Vietnamese site, bought a $ 4000 iPhone4 out of production lines. He has determined the SoC (Apple A4), and confirms the definition (960x640px) and storage (16 GB or more) of the new model. We forget - or ignore - just as much: the first photos of four iPhone actually circulated on the Internet from February 21, 2010, through Twitter. So we feel about this old friend for a long time.

The beginning of the career of the iPhone 4 was assigned too many problems. From July 23, Apple announced the postponement of the release of the white model, with a terse press release: "The white models of the new Apple iPhone 4 continue to be more difficult to manufacture than expected and will be available later in the course of the year. The availability of the most popular iPhone model black 4 is not affected. "

Twenty days earlier, the Cupertino company had to publish a long letter to try to end a controversy now known as "Antennagate" the "problem of reception of the iPhone 4" makes a subtle blend between a software problem (incorrect calculation of the display of the number of bars of reception) and a material reality (the greater sensitivity of the external antenna system used by the iPhone 4). A case that caused a media outburst and made fodder for consumer, while experts antennas had explained the problem right out of the iPhone 4: a communication operation later (the now famous "Operation Case ") and" Antennagate "was almost forgotten.

This controversy summer, reinforced by other more compelling issues (problems of the camera, the screen, proximity sensor) and resolved by software updates and adjustments on assembly lines, n ' has not managed to scratch the image of the iPhone. Between June 24, 2010 and March 26, 2011, when the last count, Apple has sold as many as 50.69 million iPhones.

Sales growth is still very strong, allowing Apple to not lose or lose some market share against Android, which siphons RIM, now relegated to third place in the Smartphone industry. Better: Apple is now the fourth global manufacturer of mobile phones in all categories. Several milestones marked the continued success: the release of the iPhone 4 Verizon, which has finally managed to hinder Android United States (read: Android: Verizon iPhone effect) and the output symbol of the iPhone 4.

These sales figures include the iPhone 3G 8GB, valiant entry also presented June 24, 2010. This model derives in fact the iPhone 3G introduced in June 2009, itself very close to the iPhone 3G in July 2008. A cushioning device which raises the question of an entry-level iPhone next generation, which could be either an iPhone mini, iPhone is a low cost using components run in, the aim being to descend below 200 €.

Since we are talking about next generation, we must mention the successor to the iPhone 4: Will there an iPhone 4S, a simple variation improved 5 or iPhone, a rethinking of the concept? The balance leans rumors gradually to this hypothesis, reinforced by the history of Apple itself: early 2012, the iPhone will be five years. This is the life of a product cycle in Cupertino, when a concept needs to be overhauled to forge ahead: Apple prefers mediocrity product itself rather than leaving that task to competition.

The iPod nano, introduced a little less than five years after the first iPod, has announced the transition to flash memory. Steve Jobs himself, in 2007, estimated in advance of the iPhone to five years: Android is now on his heels almost everywhere, even to major markets. Anyway, the iPhone 5, if that is his name, will not arrive until late summer or early fall. It will replace a 4 iPhone contest, but the undeniable success.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Apple unveils iPad 2: an evolution than a revolution

After months of waiting for fans of tray, and much speculation, Steve Jobs introduced Wednesday a new generation of iPad: iPad 2. On sick leave since last January, he eventually became the conductor of this keynote.

As usual, Steve Jobs first pointed out the success of the company: 100 million iPhones sold since its launch, 200 million customer accounts (App Store, iTunes and iBooks confused) and 100 million books downloaded on iBooks. And for the first generation of the iPad, it is neither more nor less than 15 million iPad already passed!

You said power?

The iPad 2 adopts a new processor, double heart, Apple A5 successor to the current A4 processor built into the iPhone 4. Technically, the A5 is based on the architecture of the Cortex-A9, ARM.

Each heart is clocked at 1 GHz, which allows Apple to announce an iPad twice as fast without sacrificing battery life, which remains unchanged. And about video games, the iPad would be 9 times faster!

The first grip velocity confirm this and note a marked improvement against the first generation.

Gyroscope and cameras

This new model takes almost the same improvements that the iPod Touch 4. Thus it inherits a gyroscope and two cameras, one front Booster (VGA), and one that can capture video in HD (720p).

However, purchasers of the iPad 2 would be equally disappointed that the owners of the iPod Touch 4 quality photos of cameras. It would be the same optical view of the technical constraints to the thickness.

A new design

It is lighter and above 33% thinner (13.4 mm against 8.8 mm). To give you an idea, the iPod Touch 4 has a thickness of only 7.2 mm. Two colors: black or white.

The iPad 2 will be sold March 11 in the U.S. and March 25 in other countries. Regarding rates, no change to note compared to the previous generation (first prize of 499 €). Note that the first generation is still on sale at the Apple Store and it will cost you more than an arm to get it. WiFi 16 GB version is sold at 389 €.

Friday, April 29, 2011

White iPhone4 on sale!

White iPhone4 is available for sale. Like its big brother, it comes in two models: 16 GB and 32 GB and is marketed in several countries, including France, Switzerland and Belgium.

No change in prices. United States, 16 GB is announced at $ 199 and 32GB at $ 299. In France, the three major operators such as Orange, SFR and Bouygues also added to their catalog. Besides the color, nothing new except a retail frontage with a proximity visible sensor.

The least we can say is that this model has been inadequate. Being in a bad language, we say that this is the first time Apple announces a product ten months in advance. The iPhone has been sold 4 June 24, 2010. At the time, the white model was to happen in the wake, the last-minute problems had pushed Apple to delay its release several weeks.

Then in early fall, Apple was forced to revise his new copy stating that the iPhone would not see white iphone4 the day before spring. Following this announcement, many wondered if this model was really out.

Once again how Apple can be a perfectionist. Apple has had all the trouble to find the right balance between capacity and thickness of paint, especially in order not to cause any problems with the sensors. To achieve this, the Californian Company had finally resorted to a type of painting developed in Japan which would facilitate the adjustment of the thickness of the layers.

More over, the life cycle of the iPhone 4 is quite different from its predecessors. It's sort of the third variation of this model in less than a year. Remains to be seen what impact this model will have on iPhone sales, after knowing that only you can expect the next big revision.

In the process, Apple has indicated that the iPad 2 will simultaneously rolled out in Japan, HongKong, Korea, Singapore and eight other countries. The model Wi-Fi for its part will be launched in China on May 6

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The iPhone4 arrives in India

The schedule launch of the iPhone4 in India has always been very offbeat, since Bharti Airtel and Aircel have just now signed agreements prior to the distribution of iPhone in India 4. No date has yet been announced marketing.

Airtel is the first Indian operator (and the fifth in the world), and then Aircel is the seventh. Airtel and Aircel manages GSM/3G network, which means they will market the iPhone 4 even than we have in Europe. MTN, MTS, RCOM BSNL, Virgin Mobile (Tata) Idea are also operate their CDMA networks, although some of these operators also have GSM/3G networks. Apple is in talks with at least two CDMA operators in India
The iPhone has never taken off in India particularly, because of its price in open market, 480 € without subsidy for iPhone 3G 8 GB, facing a gray market that sells almost 20% cheaper. Then the lack of network; that is the deployment of 3G in India, it is now only growing.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

iMovie application

Mac and me is the site, to relate the information involved turning around the firm at the apple, which holds some information about the iMovie application for iPhone, adaptation of the famous video editing software available on Mac. And no, this is not so pleasing that you might think.

The iMovie application in full use

- To uphold the excellence of video and the idea of "instant transition", the function will only work on the gadgets with A4 Apple's processor, not including models proceeding to the iPhone 4.

- It is not possible to export iMovie projects on a Mac to continue editing videos. However, it is possible to transfer them via iTunes sync.

- It is possible to use a video saved in the film, but also to film directly from the application. As a result, the videos received by mail will also work, knowing that they register within the film. The only condition? We need the video to H.264 approved Apple files to AVI format are not compatible.

Finally, the iMovie application will be available on the App Store on 24 June at a price of $ 4.99 (approximately € 4.12).

Almost zero probability of an iPad version being felt by the absence of Retina screen or the lack of a digital camera on the device indicate that the application will not be usable on a device other the iPhone 4.

Monday, March 21, 2011

No iPhone "nano" - The New York Times

The New York Times makes its contribution to the rumor of an iPhone model of smaller and therefore more affordable for customers. However sources claim that the daily there is no provision to that effect ...

Apple is currently finalizing the 2011 version of its iPhone and no project leading to a variation of smaller size is on the menu. For several reasons: it would be impractical to handle, it would add an additional profile to handle for application developers and its cost would not necessarily reduced.

An official from Apple, unnamed, has urged the New York Times that he was not in the sense of Apple to offer multiple models all different. However, Apple could hear well, as it does every time a new iPhone arrives, apply a drop in prices outgoing model. The 3G is still sold today, next to the iPhone 4. Orange for example offering from 99 €

Other information obtained by The New York Times, however, corroborate some tracks in the Wall Street Journal, which had revived the hypothesis of an iPhone mini (read New rumor of an iPhone "nano" and a free MobileMe). Thus the improvement of navigation on the iPhone for voice who wants to avoid as much as possible the keyboard.

Without changing the format of its iPhone, Apple could change some of its components, whether the memory capacity or quality of the camera, to offer a less expensive model explains a person who worked on multiple versions of this model.

The New York Times also mentions the possibility that MobileMe becomes free and it hosts music with other types of files. A MobileMe available to all and most versatile of the coup that could justify a smaller storage capacity on some iPhone.