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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Best Must Have apps for Mac

In this post, I have discussed best must have tools for your Mac and they are given as follows;

1.Adium: Adium is a best app for communicating and it allows you to chat with your chat account in a single interface. For instance, you can add your messenger account with Facebook, Google chat, yahoo messengers, etc... You can easily modify the font style and also the color of the speech bubble.Adium is more compatible with all sorts of internet messaging services that are present all around the internet. Adium has a fantastic interface which is too smooth and lean; providing various features such as encrypted messaging and also tabbed browsing from the Adium itself. Depending of the services, you can send or receives files from the Adium during chatting. Even Adium comes with wide range of colors, themes and other extra features for your IM. In simple words, Adium can be used to connect with multiple services that are used for chatting and communications.

2.Kindle: Kindle is a reading app for your Mac and it syncs your reading progress of your various devices with Mac. Kindle also allows you to customize the app as your wish and Kindle turns your device into an e-reader.

3.Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is one of the world powerful web editor which let you to edit the webpages and other web contents.Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 has more powerful tool that makes you to edit the webpages as like you want. Even you can create your own webpages or any web contents by using the Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 allows you to connect with an online server and you can modify the files remotely by using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is one of my favorite tools for editing and modifying my web contents.

4.Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3: Apple Final Cut Pro X is a complete package which allows you to edit and modify videos. Apple Final Cut Pro X is a marvelous digital video package with various video editing tools that makes the designers to edit and modify their creations in simple steps. Apple Final Cut Pro X is more powerful and this application provides you a significant speed and enthusiasm. Apple Final Cut Pro X secured various level of ranking for the best video editor and digital video editing packages.

5.Skitch: Skitch is a lightweight tool that allows you to capture your screen and enables you to edit with picture editing tools. Skitch is incredibly awesome and it has options such as annotate, resize, adding objects such as lines, shapes, arrows and also supports of cropping the image. By using Skitch, you can even attach watermarks to your image by using this application. Skitch is especially made for quick and effective edits and it doesn’t have options like Adobe Photoshop CS6. But it has simple tools that are necessary. Skitch is cool, effective and extremely well in its performance.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Amazon Kindle has its tablet Fire and Kindle to $ 79

As predicted by the rumor, Amazon today introduced its first tablet, the Kindle Fire. It does not compete directly iPad, but rather is designed to compete with the Touch Nook Barnes & Noble: with a 7 "screen, and comes at $ 199. The firm of Jeff Bezos has also introduced a new Kindle , whose price is extremely aggressive. Kindle the Fire is first and foremost a Kindle tablet, more than a multimedia tablet: it has no photo sensor, no microphone, not even a 3G chip (but a WiFi chip anyway). These sacrifices are used to define the tablet at the same time they get the price down.

Amazon does not say, but the tablet has 8 GB of internal storage and a battery life of 8 hours. This is not so much to compete with the iPad reading lights that meet the supercharged as Nook Touch Barnes & Noble. Amazon's CEO believes that the success of the tablet will come from the strength of its ecosystem of content: Amazon is the only plan on rival Apple's (read: Amazon, the best enemy of Apple), the two companies are in light years from HP, RIM, and even Google. Amazon posed patiently his pawns in recent years, books of course (Kindle), but also music (Amazon MP3), movies, TV shows (Amazon Prime), applications (AppStore), and now magazines.

This content is the best argument Kindle Fire, which is also sold with a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, the premium service from Amazon that has a VOD system (11 000 movies and TV shows). Amazon takes a small size and close the book on 7 "(the Kindle has a screen with a diagonal 6"): The Kindle Fire weighing only 413 grams, one can easily hold it with one hand. With a dual-heart, she has access to all the services of Amazon, and will serve both as reading light viewer film or game support.Amazon uses a technology called Silk to optimize the content of Web pages served to Kindle Fire and accelerate the rendering and display, the pages are stored in cache on EC2 servers, optimized, and pushed to the shelves on demand. The JavaScript is still running locally, and the browser supports Flash (no Amazon boasted that matter). The load is increased.

By the way, Amazon opens the possibility of launching investigations behavioral data on the mass customer traffic Kindle Fire.Fire the Kindle uses the foundation for Android, which is completely obscured by Amazon as an interface: Google is not an ally here, but a competitor. The interface reminds a shelf, and mixing the various types of content - applications are included. The most frequently used are displayed on the first page, the largest elements of this first page as those recently used. No aspect of the software will remember the roots of OS used by Amazon. Competitor of the iPad, Kindle the Fire? Not sure. But the iPod touch him, could suffer: the devices are not directly competitive, but the price of Apple's PMP will now appear as too high. This concept device intermediate iPhone without a plan, iPad portable, will perhaps have to be redefined by the price or features. Kindle the Fire will be available November 15 and can already be pre-ordered. Beyond this shelf, Amazon has revised its range of screen reading lights eInk. Kindle The Kindle is the first touch touch land on which Jeff Bezos had never wanted to venture because of technical barriers (adding glare, loss of readability). Without a keyboard, it looks like the reading lights competing at Barnes & Noble, Kobo or Sony, and has a similar function: type in the middle of the screen to go to the menu on the left and right to turn the pages.

These areas can be customized (EasyReach system) for easy handling with one hand: we can minimize the area used to return a page back, rejecting the area to call the menu at the top of the screen, and allow a maximum of place to move to the area of ​​reading. The player interface and navigation is very similar to the application for iOS Kindle. Using the latest technology and a touch screen eInk infrared, the Kindle is proposed to touch $ 99 in WiFi, 3G model at $ 149 (available connection for life). To meet the reading lights cheapest, Amazon introduced a Kindle to $ 79, which is not touch and no longer has a near-useless keyboard of his predecessors.

This model, available now and 30% lighter than the previous model (170 g), just a minimal number of buttons. All these new models display advertisements on their screen saver, a system launched earlier this year and never interrupts the reading (read: $ 25 off the Kindle 3 against the pub). Without advertising, Kindle goes to $ 109, to touch the $ 139 Kindle and Kindle Touch 3G $ 189. Only the low-end Kindle can be ordered from France, the other remaining models currently US-only.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kindle complete overview of 2011

Meanwhile the marketing of Kindle Kindle Touch and Fire, we could not resist, we bought the new Kindle entry. Here is a comprehensive ... At the multitouch keyboard Kindle 2010 seemed unnecessary and took too much room for the rest of the unit. So side by side, even if they have a screen the same size, the new Kindle is all pokey. It is also lighter since the passage loses 70 grams.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amazon, The Best and Foremost Enemy of Apple Part.IV

Material on which Amazon released a very comfortable margin of 48%: for a little over three years, the bookseller hybrid business model to be closer to that of Apple. The next step, which should confirm this transition, the tablet will Kindle, announced by the rumor and, as it confirmed by Jeff Bezos. While Apple's closed ecosystem with software and services, Amazon goes in the opposite direction and will close with hardware ... Android. Amazon has not cluttered with the creation of an OS in a few months, it has privatized virtually a third OS to be able to offer almost a clean version.

Amazon was a partner in the first hour of Google: the couple face + iTunes iPhone, the firm of Mountain View has used Amazon as a content provider for Android Smartphones. Amazon MP3 application, installed on all or most Smartphones Android and not far from impossible to remove, serves as equivalent of the iTunes Store.

Amazon obviously has its own applications on Android, but the company goes further in recent months, it operates its own application store for Android. The Amazon AppStore, it is called, is a true rival to the Android Market: it has a mechanism of editorial control, offers a free daily application fee, and even allows testing applications directly into the browser through an Android emulator!

Amazon has enough weight to have managed to bend the AT & T, which ultimately allowed the installation of third-party shopping for Android users can download the Amazon AppStore. Google is certainly a well-known brand in the United States and elsewhere, but Amazon is less familiar and has the advantage of being established for a long time. Kindle said the company's presence in the material, while the family is eclipsed by Nexus brand Droid operator Verizon. At the selection on the eve of the holiday season, Amazon could buy up the ante with a shelf under a Kindle Android in which it is deeply integrated.

A tablet may be the best competitor of the iPad, but also, paradoxically, its greatest ally against the other tablets Android - found the game at three music stores. Amazon certainly seems to be the worst enemy of Apple...

Amazon, The Best and Foremost Enemy of Apple Part.III

With icloud, Apple may, however, go far beyond the Cloud Drive. Amazon is focusing effect on media content, where Apple offers various services in addition to "productivity" (email, calendars, contacts, files synchronization, etc). Amazon then simply create a digital record, while Apple was able to convince record labels and management companies of copyright to allow the download multiple purchases or duplication of an iTunes library.

Apple takes the advantage because she thought the solution in the cloud as an extension of its equipment, as part of a full circle closed ecosystem. Amazon also has a closed ecosystem: the Kindle (designed by Lab126 ... in Cupertino). It is difficult to measure the success of Kindle and its associated download platform, Amazon do not provide sales figures, but it is undeniable.

Kindle and iPod are similar: they have succeeded where others have failed with a formula not necessarily new, but distinctive hardware and an integrated software platform available at the right time (technological convergence and preparing the public for the idea). The iPod had a hard drive, the wheel and then iTunes FairPlay DRM, the Kindle screen eIink had its modern, its persistent and 3G as well as its free Kindle Store and a closed file format. In many ways, it has demonstrated the viability of the eBook.

Apple today hunting on the lands of the Amazon with iPad and iBookstore, as do other manufacturers, but from Amazon in this market is 90% (although it is in rapid decline and to fall to 70-75% by the end of the year). In the same way as iTunes, Safari or icloud is available on Windows, you can access the Kindle platform on many devices. Amazon has understood before others, and just as Apple, the central content at low prices and high volume ("set an aggressive price and go for volume" said Steve Jobs): the logical step after that 'we bought books on the Kindle Store, readable only through the application Kindle, is to buy a Kindle.


Amazon, The Best and Foremost Enemy of Apple Part.II

Amazon's strategy could not be further from that of Apple, who swears by the gross margin, but the two companies come together on several issues, starting with the extreme loyalty of their customers. Better roads Amazon and Apple seem to be closer to the point of cross soon: as Apple has expanded the distribution and service (iTunes Store, App Store, icloud), Amazon’s has ventured into the field equipment (Kindle, a tablet soon). Soon, the two companies may well be in direct competition: each will have a complete ecosystem of distributing content to custom equipment designed and equipped with built-in software.

Amazon launched its music store in late 2007, more than four years after the opening of the iTunes Store. The lack of DRM, the highest quality and lower prices than iTunes Store helped catch up: Amazon has quickly become a viable number two, at least in the United States. The size of the catalogs of the two shops is now similar (14 to 16 million according to the counts): Amazon is characterized by regular lower prices, and generally a more flexible fee schedule, while Apple is known to afford some exclusives (the Beatles to name a few).

Jeff Bezos's company managed to consolidate its position as she was only 4% of purchases of digital music in the United States in early 2008, it now accounts for 11.6% of the market. This growth is currently not at the expense of iTunes, solid leader slight increase, reaching 70% market share. In a sense, Amazon helps strengthen Apple, eliminating weaker competitors such as Rhapsody, but Amazon is growing quickly: Apple may need to be wary.

Amazon's business practices are in fact just as formidable as in the early days. For the promotion of Amazon MP3 and its natural extension, the Cloud player, Jeff Bezos has not hesitated to sacrifice millions of dollars to provide music for song bread and gain new customers. Obviously the transaction cost as much as a traditional advertising campaign, with a different conversion rate.


Amazon, The Best and Foremost Enemy of Apple Part.I

It is frequently contrasted with Apple to Microsoft, Apple and more recently in Google. Amazon is to forget: in many ways, the firm of Jeff Bezos is perhaps the most formidable competitor to Apple, the electronic book to digital music, sales of applications for sale of equipment.

Amazon-smile, The fictionalized story of Apple based much of its current image: the return of the prodigal son has helped to revive the phoenix from the ashes, to replay the scene of the Macintosh iPod, iPhone and iPad and iTunes in the background. Less well known is the story of Amazon, so it is no less exciting.

Founded in 1994 and launched in 1995, is designed as the "largest bookseller in the world" free from physical constraints, the site was ambitious to sell more books than all its competitors combined. Its founder, Jeff Bezos, quickly launched an ambitious acquisition policy, increasing the acquisition of electronic bookstores (Bookpages, future Telebook and Amazon UK, Amazon DE future, in 1998, Audible in 2000) and many and varied many Internet services (IMDb, Wise in 1998, Alexa in 1999, several management systems in 1999 and 2000).

Amazon's business model has long been atypical in the first version scribbled by Jeff Bezos, it was not about generating profits, but simply to attract capital (the company goes public in 1997) and grow fast enough to reach many markets. The competitive advantage allows it to keep prices low. The genius of Bezos was to take calculated risks: to provide the delivery is a dead loss, but can attracting customers and hope to sell enough to generate a high margin on volume. This set of communicating vessels is the trademark of Amazon.

After years of losses as investors impatient and have to find all the patches available to present the results at their best, the activity becomes profitable Amazon bookstore in mid-2000 before all the activities going on green end of 2001. The demonstration is striking: 80% of sales are made by regular customers, who then spend about € 30 a month on Amazon.

Consolidation accounting rules, limiting or omitting certain practices disguising costs, Amazon is in the red board? Bezos offers delivery and conceded large reductions: sales explode and losses are reduced by half. Amazon MP3 should be promoted and its companion Cloud Drive? Jeff Bezos's company made loss of $ 2.6 million in selling off the last album in fashion; But earned nearly half a million users.