Saturday, October 15, 2011

IPhone OS Project: Fadell gives his version

Vic Gundotra, senior vice president at Google, he does not say enough about its competitor "Scott is a pretty amazing type. For the management of a team developing an operating system, it is one of the best I've seen." Businessweek points out, however some of his mistakes, more substantial anecdotal or even if he was not directly responsible. One during a keynote when disguised as a scientific and an iPhone he missed a demo supposed to be funny. A wolf that Steve Jobs reminded him several times in the teasing in meetings that followed. Then there was the case of the iPhone 4. 

Jobs wanted to limit the number of prototypes that engineers could carry with them. Forstall persuaded his boss to let a few dozen of his men take the future iPhone to test it under real conditions of use. The rest is history. Random factors that did not prevent the vice president to consolidate his position at Apple. He also pushed the acquisition of Quattro Wireless, which became iAd and was counsel for the acquisition of the origin of Siri. It is said also well received by developers iOS third parties. A community in which Apple said it had donated $ 3 billion in two years that the App Store opened. Analysts and developers who have had to work or chat with Forstall stressed his ability to listen: "Forstall took detailed notes, without pen, paper, or laptop.

 "He listens to you and starts typing on his iPhone," said Matt Murphy, partner at Kleiner Perkins and the manager of a fund that invests in iOS developers. "You think he does not care what you say and he is sending an SMS, and then you realize that it is taking notes." Asked about the possibility of transforming the iPhone into a credit card with NFC (Near Field Communication) has answered more questions, about how developers can benefit from this and what it would bring to users. Clearly, a free technology uses concrete marketing has no immediate interest. It would also have refused to large developers have priority access to the validation of their securities, and that in fairness. The article ends with the close relationship that bound Forstall and Jobs. 

The second liked to see the future developments of Ios, in the same way he took a particular pleasure to have a look on the work of Jonathan Ive and his team installed a floor above. Like Cook, Forstall has probably lost both a mentor and ally with the disappearance of Jobs.

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