Thursday, October 20, 2011

Testing the iPhone 4S

The home button of the iPhone, much in demand, tends to quickly show signs of weakness. Apple has revised its construction on the iPhone 4S: a click is softer, with a return more frank. Double-click, triple-click and long click is now easier to achieve - hope the durability is better ...


Some have noticed a trend of the screen of the iPhone 4S to turn to yellow, not hesitating to speak of "Yellowgate." Sorry for the grumpy, but there will be no scandal: the differences between the screen of the iPhone and the iPhone 4 4S are minor, as was the test on several sets of periods and styles different lots, but look different profiles used. Occasionally, some screens may be more yellow than others, the fault of an adhesive not quite dry.
But the white iPhone 4S itself has a color profile different from that of the iPhone 4S black, a hack used by Apple for years to correct the perception of colors to the color of the frame of the display. The iPhone offers a white 4S made more pulling on the yellow, while the iPhone 4S black is bluer. The same disparity between the iPhone 4 white and 4 black iPhone, iPhone 3G and in before them.


In telephony, the Specific Absorption Rate or SAR is a measure indicative of the amount of energy carried by electromagnetic waves emitted to the user via a mobile phone operating at full power in the most degraded conditions. While the iPhone 4 had a SAR of 0.933 W / kg, the iPhone 4S is slightly higher at 0.988 W / kg.

The effects of electromagnetic waves on the human body are not well known, but the precautionary principle dictates a legal limit of exposure. In the U.S., it is 1.6 W / kg over 1 gram of human tissue, whereas in the European Union, it is 2 W / kg over 10 grams of tissue. The higher the SAR, the lower the potential health effects are reduced. The DAS of the iPhone 4S is far from being the highest in the market, but it is a little above the average.


To finish this review, note that Apple finally has reviewed the volume of the speakers of the iPhone 4S on the rise. Surprise: the sound is much better than that resulting from the MacBook Air, Mac mini or even 13 "MacBook Pro. Just to add sound correctly 20 square meters, without saturating. It is certainly far from a quality Hi-fi, but to a terrace, bathroom, bedroom or going on vacation, this little audio system should suffice.

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