Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apple: a multinational support themselves finally

For many years, the financial position of Apple is growing at an exceptional rate, without the company itself follows. This has often earned the nickname Apple "start-up multinational." In 2011, the Cupertino company seems to have taken the measure of his status.

A number of employees rose sharply

49 400 employees in FTE (full-time equivalent), Apple has increased to 60 400 FTE employees, with a further 2,900 FTE employees who are consultants or part-time. Apple now hiring more than 10,000 people per year, equivalent to half of its payroll in 2008. The Cupertino company is a dwarf in the face of 90,000 Microsoft employees, with 168,000 employees of Sony, or 310,000 HP employees, but its structure is different.

The success of Apple Store

36 000 of its 60,400 employees (approximately 60%) work for the branch of Apple Retail. Apple opened 40 new stores in 2011, including 28 outside the United States, and ending the year at the head of 357 Apple Store (245 U.S., 112 international). Because of the work and renovations in progress, an average of 326 shops were open this year.

The application for the iPhone, iPad, and the Mac have boosted Apple Store, which generated 13% of sales in 2011, and whose sales are up 44% from 2010. Rents and expenses of Apple Store Apple costing $ 2.4 billion, but they generated a turnover of 14.13 billion dollars in 2011 to 2.5 times that of Japan, or half of that reported the Americas. On average, each person entering an Apple Store cost $ 50.

A geographical

This growth is also evident from Apple in space: Apple owns or leases 1.23 million square meters in the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada in particular, of which 280,000 square feet of Apple Store ( just under 800 square meters on average).

Often associated with Apple in Cupertino, and for good reason: if the city was once covered with apricot trees, as the valley, it is now largely covered spaces owned by Apple. Including the new campus, expected to break ground by 2015, Apple has 242,000 square meters of building in Cupertino.

In addition to own or lease office space and shops, Apple has two plants (Cork and Elk Grove) and two data centers (Newark, California and Maiden, North Carolina).

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