Saturday, October 15, 2011

IPhone 4S: overview of Siri

Reserved for the new iPhone 4S, Siri is a vocal assistant from a research project of DARPA. As explained by Apple, "Siri 4S iPhone lets you use your voice to send messages, set appointments or making calls, among other things." The first tests show that the iPhone 4S Siri works particularly well in English, but is it the same in French? When you first start your iPhone 4S, Siri is not necessarily activated.

Long press the home button then start the traditional speech - and limited - iOS. To turn Siri, go to the settings of your iPhone 4S, General section> Siri. Siri to find the commands, press and hold the home button and press the button (i) after the line "What can I do for you? ". Disappointment or Wolfram Alpha (definitions, calculations, conversions, etc.). Or Yelp (search for points of interest including restaurants) are available in France, which diminishes the value of Siri. We knew since the announcement of Siri as routes were reserved for the United States: Siri is in beta and gain functions over time.

 In general, recognition is pretty impressive, even if it knows its failures. Siri offers essentially the same performance and same speed as the system of Action Voice of Android. Unlike the Google system, Siri is conversational: start dictating an SMS and you can check your appointments before you send the SMS course. This highly intelligent sometimes plays tricks on Siri: in our video, it refuses to recognize "Cupertino" because we have initiated a conservation of "Tokyo". If you tend to swallow words, Siri will be lost: his problem is not the speed at which you speak - you can talk really fast - but the clarity of your speech. Siri will make you work your joint.

Siri knows so listen, but not a talker: the male voice used is of poor quality and the speech rate very choppy. We are far from the fluidity of voice synthesis of OS X Lion. If Siri has a doubt about a word, he notes in blue: you can correct it manually. Siri is less pleasant to use French and English: it recognizes fewer variants of the same question, is less varied in his answers, and ... has less humor! Finally, know that Siri does not work without the network: it must then switch back to conventional speech synthesis (transcription voice is done on Apple's servers).

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