Thursday, October 6, 2011

4S iPhone: The Return of Newton!

On the menu for that special event: iOS 5, icloud, minor revisions to the iPod nano and iPod touch and iPhone 4S. And by way of one more thing: Siri, an assistant in the line of fire and Newton ... Knowledge Navigator in 1987!
However, it was not a special event quite like the others, was the first era Tim Cook. And as a symbol, the press conference was held nearly ten years to the day after the presentation of the iPod. A new page is being written at Apple.

And Tim Cook did not seek to evade the issue saying, "This is my first product launch since I was CEO. I love Apple. It is a pleasure to welcome you today. I consider the opportunity of my life working here for 14 years, and I am excited about this new role. " Clearly, the man assumes the role and the thing was not easy in view of the imposing legacy of his predecessor. 

A deluge of statistics 

Whatever man, the frame of a special event has its imponderables. Before getting into the thick of it, he began by sharing some statistics. As Steve Jobs, he focused on the success of Apple Store. 100 000 people visited the Apple Store in Shanghai - the largest in Asia - at the weekend that followed its opening. Apple now has 357 stores in 11 countries. 

OS X Leo is a hit! 

But the most impressive statistic for OS X Lion's success is meeting with more than six million copies sold. Sales are 80% higher than those of Snow Leopard at the same time.
Tim Cook was unable to resist making a comparison with Windows: it took 20 weeks to Windows 7 to 10% of units in use on the PC fleet. It took two weeks to Leo to do the same on Mac.
Cook also stressed that unlike PC sales running at idle, Mac sales continue to rise: growth in Mac sales is higher than sales of PCs for 5 years, 23% against 5% recently for the PC.
Apple now shows a market share of 23% in the consumer market in the United States.

300 million iPods sold 

Other impressive statistics: those couple of iTunes / iPod. In ten years, Apple has sold over 300 million players. Again, statistics are flattering compared to the competition. Sony has 30 years to sell 230 million Walkmans, but it was another era. The iTunes Store has 20 million shares and generated over 16 billion downloads in 8 years. 

Then came the turn of the iPhone, the market for mobile phones, Apple now holds 5% market share. Initially, it was 1%. With the iPhone, Apple shows a satisfaction rate of 70% or 21 points more than its closest competitor ie HTC. But in this game, the iPad is even more impressive with a satisfaction rate of 93%. About it, Tim Cook has a formula that sums up the situation: "iPad we see everywhere." He cited such as schools, airplanes and hospitals. In total, Apple sold 250 million terminal IOS. 

After the deluge of statistics, Scott Forstall, head of IOS, came on stage to present new features of IOS 5. Like his boss, before beginning he could not help but reveal some statistics. He began by saying that Android tackle according to a study ComScore, IOS was to share in use: 43% against 33% for Google's system software. He was careful to talk about market share: it sells more than Androphones iPhone several months ago. 

The App Store has 500,000 applications, of which 140 000 iPad. Apple is at 18 billion downloads. On the other hand, she returned three billion dollars to developers.

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