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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Serious and Seriously Silly Complaints Against the iPhone 5

iPhone 5
The apple has released its iPhone versions recently, the brand Apple is the main thing that people want to buy. They never saw about the thing which is present in the mobile. They won’t see through the specifications before buying the mobiles. There are several issues that have been resulted out after the release of the iPhone 5, they are given with their issues and their problems too. iPhone 5 has a faster core when compared to its previous versions. The complaints are silly, and they can be resolved very easily. But they are considered in a immense manner by the people, in this post I have shared a them in the following events;

Screen Glitches: In the iPhone 5, there are few complaints which have been made by the customers about screen glitches with the versions of the iOS in the iPhone 5, in sometimes some horizontal lines will appear in the screen without prior warning. This might be a software problem, but they can be easily solved by the next versions of the iPhone’s iOS.

Apple Maps: Apple has made an attempt to offer alternative to the Google Maps, and provide the maps to the users with its own navigation application. But the main problem arises is that, the app comes in the iPhone 5 is a beta versions and also comes with lots of built-in errors in the phone. The Apple maps has many flaws and still many updates has to be made in order to make the people to love this app.

Wi-Fi: iPhone 5 has a built-in Wi-Fi and the users can easily connect over it, but the main issues is that, they can connect through the network, but the speed of the connection seems pretty slower compare to the other Smartphones, and also has a slow over or inconsistent network connections.

EarPods: The EarPods of the iPhone has some sorts of flaws and it comes with low built-in quality, the users can experience very low amount of quality while hearing music in the iPhone 5’s Earpods. This has been considered as the one of the major drawbacks with the version of iPhone.

Chipping:The Problem arises with the Chipping of the iPhone 5, the issues is that the iPhone 5 has a case in the paint comes out very easily from the iPhone 5 and shows the aluminum body to the users. The painting has been done in some Chinese companies which has made this issues and finally this issue has been rectifies in the following versions of the iPhone 5.

Purple Flares: In iPhone 5, there is a probability of coming purple flares with the camera application. Sometimes, the purple flares are coming in the corner of the iPhone 5’s screen and the users are advised not to use the photograph options when there is a high beam of bright light is present. This will reduce the damage that is caused in the iPhone 5’s camera.

Therefore various levels of issues in the iPhone 5 has been revealed here and you can also add your issues in the comment box that is given below.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Apple update fixes annoying error on iPhone

     Recently Apple released the first update for IOS 6th version 6.01 with particular interest of the users of iPhone 5 and iTune match. This particular update repaired the entire update feature on Apple’s latest Smartphones. Previously the user could not actually update the iPhone 5 wirelessly due to the error of iOS6 but now it can be rectified thro’ updating the iOS6 to 6.0.1 and the error message could vanish. The update fixes a problem with iTune match also.

     Regarding the Bug fix; it improves the stability of wireless connection with WPA2 encryption, the LED flash which not works properly when snaps are taken and the error that occurs when the invitations you send via exchange. In addition it fixes the horizontal line that appears in part on the key board. The problem, despite screen lock to be able to access data from the Pass Book App is now solved according to Apple.

    The update to iOS 6.0.1 is available for iPhone models 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, iPads in the second and the fourth generation iPod ready.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Opinion: iPhone 4S / 5, what is (not) know (no)

Ah, rumors. They are born with or without foundation, live and die at a steady pace, leaving in every sense, contradict each other. A phenomenon accentuated at Apple, whose cult of secrecy only reinforces the desire to know ... and want to know. What is known, in the end? Nothing. Almost. As usual.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Samsung versus Apple

In the case between Apple Samsung backdrop of patent infringement, design and trademarks and unfair competition, Apple has applied for and obtained permission to dissect the prototype from Samsung. The Korean company has responded by asking to see the prototypes of the upcoming iPhone and iPad.

There is a fundamental difference between these two queries: Apple wants to see prototypes of products discovered and widely known even then that Samsung wants to see prototypes of products that nobody knows anything. We notice the difference in official documents: while Apple has asked for such and such a model using names, Samsung is sticking to a very cautious "iPhone 5 or 4GS, or whatever his name. Several scholars have thus noted that if the application Apple was fairly common, the Samsung was much less and had little chance of success. It poses the question of permeability between the legal department and other branches of the conglomerate, and potential risks of industrial espionage: whereas Samsung products, although not marketed, were largely revealed by the press or by Samsung itself, those Apple has never been seen.

Justice has not yet ruled on the request of Samsung, but Apple has already responded, calling it "attempt to harass" the worst faith. The Korean firm asked Apple to provide versions of "final and trade" of the next iPhone and iPad before next June 13, which the Cupertino company has denied. Apple now refers to the division of Samsung Mobile as the "copier", claiming that the products of the Galaxy "copying technology, user interface and innovative spirit" of the iPhone and iPad. The study of the prototype from Samsung is expected to confirm that fact.

Richard J. Lutton, chief adviser for intellectual property issues at Apple, justifies the denial of his company to provide prototypes to Samsung: "Apple is recognized as one of the most secretive companies in the world". No doubt his view, the motion from Samsung is an attempt to destabilize. The procedure was reactivated on Friday; we should quickly come to the conclusions of this component.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

IPhone 5, A New Apple Evolution?!

Rumors about the i Phone 5 are followed and all are not look alike. Everyone is more or less agreeing that this model will not come out before the end of summer, but still a question is not answered: Is i phone 5 will be a simple revision or big update?

This version will be anything but an i Phone 4GS.This new model is even thinner, more like an i Pod touch as an i Phone 4, and it would in some ways similar lines of the Mac Book Air and would have a bigger screen. It is about a 3.7 inch screen features and as the same resolution as that of i Phone 4. Therefore, the density would be slightly less (312 dpi against 326 for the i Phone 4), but that he would not lose the qualifier retina. Apple would ensure to give this phone of a larger screen without changing its size.

On the other hand, as suggested by Fran Shammo, CFO of Verizon, it is indeed a global phone capable of operating on GSM, 3G and CDMA. Another new button would be welcome with a touch area to perform gestures in order to run some commands too quickly to change applications. For example, we would find the actions Apple has experienced in the past in IOS. Furthermore technologies may be in the heart of the i Phone 5.