Saturday, October 8, 2011

The iPhone 4S is Available Now

Presented Tuesday night, the new Apple phone is available for pre-order. The same design 4S iPhone iPhone 4 a few subtle changes closely, but the components inside are totally different chip A5 double heart, 8-megapixel camera and Siri, many arguments in favor of this new phone, pre-order starting today. The iPhone 4S should be faster, especially for demanding applications, especially games.
The A5 is Apple supposed to be twice as powerful and up to 7 times faster for graphics. A first set operator that power has been presented during the Keynote, and we imagine that many others will follow. 4S the iPhone is also faster for Internet: its internal components are able to download to a 3G + network to 14.4 Mbit / s. This type of network exists in France, but there is little chance that you can really enjoy, at least for now. 4S the iPhone is also a world phone, capable of operating both on GSM networks that are well known in Europe than on CDMA networks used in America but also in Asia. If you travel frequently around the world, is an advantage. The iPhone 4S improves his camera back. Program, an 8 megapixel sensor that increases the resolution of photos taken with the phone: it is 60% more than the iPhone 4, enough to print the photos in larger formats without losing quality. The pixels are not everything: the iPhone 4S is also entitled to a new and improved optical image processing. All pictures posted by Apple is a good indication of the potential of this phone ... 4S The iPhone is also able to automatically detect the faces to focus the right place. The video recording is also enhanced with real HD (1080p) on the one hand and stabilizing real-time image. Videos in 1080p, 8-megapixel images: the amount of data generated by the iPhone 4S will seriously increase if you take many photos and video. This is great; Apple now offers an iPhone to 64 GB of internal memory. Count € 849 without operator involvement ... The biggest novelty of the iPhone 4S is probably not the most visible. Siri is a vocal assistant who listens and does what you ask. This wizard also works in French and the initial feedback is very positive: this function reserved for the iPhone 4S can change many things. Siri functions are numerous: weather, stock, alarm, but also SMS reading, writing SMS messages and ... As expected, we can pre-order the iPhone 4S today: the Apple Store online, it is so sold naked from € 629 16 GB version if you buy now, Apple l 'send free no later than October 14.

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