Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Banner Zest 3 Release!!!

BannerZest 3 Beta announced in late June, now Beta version is downloadable in final. This application allows you to produce Flash files without great technical skills, you can simply drag and drop graphics and audio within themes ready to use. Several settings are then used to adjust the animation before integrating such a website.

It was already with the Pro version, the animation decline in a readable version of IOS, but one theme was offered a slide show. BannerZest March 1 with ten themes is compatible HTML5. However, it does not replace Flash; the two can even be combined into a single file. Auquafadas, publisher, says he optimized the product code destined for IOS devices.

Aquafadas has also created 10 additional themes (14 in the Pro version) to dress the contents of the user. 8 and 12 are respectively designed to HTML5. The upgrades from version 2 are charged € 22.74 and € 53.82 for the Pro. You can also migrate between the latest standard and Pro (functional differences).

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