Friday, July 1, 2011

iPhone changed everything Part.I

Four years after the marketing of the iPhone, and you can not admit that Apple has totally revolutionized the industry of mobile phones in more ways than one. First in technology, since all manufacturers have begun to touch that applications are now the daily bread of Smartphone users, and browsing the web it has become even more natural than on computer, so that before they were content to substitute such as WAP or i-mode.

Even more impressive, Apple has moved the debate, making phone capabilities a central criterion when he was once a gateway to the service, if not negligible: Apple has gradually relegated telephone operators to the rank of sellers of pipes, which once made them rain or shine on the market. In short, the success of the iPhone is undeniable, even beyond its sales figures, also impressive for a company that did not put a toe in the market four years ago.

Despite the technological revolution, which put Apple in the years ahead of its competitors, all the oracles have failed to predict his destiny. CNET offers a small selection of Cassandra, and begins to make his own mea culpa with about Michael Kanellos, published by the site in December 2006 when the iPhone was still a persistent rumor; the iPhone sales will skyrocket initially. However, things will calm down, and the Apple phone will take its place on the shelves alongside the video cameras, cell phones, wireless routers and other aspirants to success. Remember the Mac mini? He was supposed to blow up a revolution for small computers. It was not the case. Some have predicted that Apple would derive rates the market up. Oops :P

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