Monday, July 11, 2011

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Part.IV

One could of course long dissertation of the benefits (transparency for the user, client continuously, etc.) and disadvantages (questions about privacy, persistent connection, etc.). This approach, but must first decide on Chrome OS room. The OS is reduced to its simplest expression, do not expect to go very far with your devices, you can connect a (small) screen without difficulty, a USB stick, SD card and some cameras, camcorders and phones will be recognized as storage volume, and ... that's about all.

Print? It will go through Google Print Cloud ... or not. Chrome OS is indeed unable to bind himself to a printer Cloud Print: The options available in Chrome are not in Chrome OS. You will have to either have one of the few Cloud Print compatible printers (the HP ePrint to simple) or have a Windows computer and connect your printer to Cloud Print, and not fail to draw a page.
Obviously do not hope to use a scanner, a key 3G, a headphone / mic USB, or other device evolved drivers just are not there. Absolutely everything must go through the Web, which is not simple.

Say you have a USB stick with a few documents, few pictures and some music videos. It will be recognized by OS Chrome and we can access its contents with the file browser (Ctrl + M). Edit a Word document? We must send it to Google Docs, and then change it there. If you want to save it to your key, it will download it, a round trip, in fact. Edit an image? Same thing: you must send it to Picasa, do the changes up there, and bring down the image. Watch a video or play a song? Yes, provided they are in standard formats supported by Chrome: MP3, H.264 and M4V ... that's about all. Do not expect to read a file MP4 QuickTime or DivX. Offline so there is no salvation: no Internet, Chrome OS is an empty shell. Let us be very clear: if you have a WiFi or 3G, the proposal made by the Google OS is interesting. The following online applications of Mountain View company has nothing to envy to native applications, Gmail, Docs, Maps, and the others are real pearls, each in their kind.

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