Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Final version of OmniPlan 2 is available now

OmniPlan 2, the project manager is finalized at The Omni Group [149.99 Euros]. The update is free for licensees of 1.0 purchased between January 6 and July 17. For purchases prior to this time the update is 99 dollars.

This version focuses on the collaboration: we can synchronize a database using a WebDAV server, with MobileMe or through Omni Sync Server, a new service offered by the publisher and currently in beta. Synchronization can then be done automatically, and that Omniplan will also manage a CalDAV server to retrieve the schedules of all employees.

OmniPlan manage two fiscal years in addition to the normal years and will be able to plan a project for the second fiscal quarter rather than for a particular month. Many other improvements have been made in planning the project, could for example create tasks that will start automatically after other tasks. The publisher has also added filters and the print function is more flexible. The demo version runs for 15 days but the application is still only in English.

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