Thursday, July 21, 2011

Software Updates from Publishers for Leo Compatibility

New flight of updated of software for Lion or details of their compatibility from their publishers.
Pixelmator is working on version 2 of its editor, but an interim update, numbered 1.6.6, must be proposed by the Mac App Store (currently it still shows 1.6.5 in it). It can also be obtained via the internal update of the application for which has not purchased via the MAS.

TextMate, a text editor, a few minor issues with Leo, the editor Macromat maintains a page listing the bugs still present and if so as to level. Boinx in the various titles (FotoMagico, BoinxTV, Istop Motion ...) will be updated for free, adjustments had already been undertaken and revisions will be available through the publisher's website or on the Mac App Store.

VMware in turn gives the green light to use the current version 3.1.3 of Fusion with 10.7. The publisher could also suggest something about the new possibilities of virtualization of Mac OS X (read OS X Lion: virtualization (finally) allowed. Parallels in a technical update on what does not with Parallels Desktop for Lion 6, it was revised again today. Another list of files referred further questions about use with Leo.To recall that 9 XPress free update is expected in August.

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