Saturday, August 6, 2011

Apple TV Latest Version -1

Despite being a hobby that sticks to the skin from the beginning or near the Apple TV continues its merry way. The latest version of its software system out recently opened up new horizons ... During the developer conference (WWDC), Apple has discussed at length icloud for its computers as well as the iPhone and iPad. With version 4.3 of its system software, the Apple TV is coming to the party. The little box of Apple is now able to access streaming all episodes purchased since iTunes account (in the U.S. only for now). One can imagine that this feature will be extended in the future more or less close to the films acquired on the platform download from Apple. This feature is not reserved for the Apple TV; it is also enabled on other terminals equipped with Apple iOS 5.0. For the Apple TV, this is a major step forward. In a way, it takes its independence from Mac or PC which it is attached. The decision of Apple is not surprising in itself, it only confirms what was announced at the WWDC, that the concept of the digital hub as we have seen in recent years is no longer relevant and that now everything will converge to one or more clouds. This is not the only innovation introduced by this update also offers support for Vimeo. Until now, YouTube was the only free streaming service run by Apple's hobby. That will bring a little diversity, and it is even more interesting that access to YouTube suffers frequent delays and Vimeo videos are very good. - roofing

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Default Folder X and specials in AppDelete

Default Folder X, adds features to the windows opening and saving documents. This is one of the oldest utility on Mac. He has recently been revised to support OS X Lion. Until the end of the promotion, Default Folder X is sold $ 19.95 instead of $ 34.95. As the name suggests, AppDelete is a tool to properly remove an application. To do this, simply drag and drop AppDelete on the software you want to get rid. Until tomorrow night, it is sold $ 5.59 or $ 2.40 less than normal. Finally, note that the promotional offer of Application Systems to an end. Until 31 midnight, it is possible to get the full benefit of the promotions made during the month. It is possible to obtain discounted software like OmniFocus, OmniGraffle, PDFpen Pro Dictate 2 or 1Password as well as games like Call of Duty 4, Civilization V, X-Plane 9 or GTA Trilogy.

Lion DiskMaker

Lion diskmaker is a utility that allows you to create a USB drive or a DVD backup for OS X Lion (€ 23.99). Lion can reinstall OS X on a Mac without an Internet connection, without going through the Mac App Store, simply by booting to the USB device or a DVD. Since the first version, the developer made two updates. Among the new features, we note the possibility of using a USB flash drive 4 GB only, as he had at least 5 GB of space for the first version. Lion DiskMaker is also more flexible on the location of the installation file: it must necessarily be in the / Applications folder and the application cannot find it automatically, you can specify it. Remember that this file is downloaded via the Mac App Store and it is possible to restart the download by pressing alt and clicking on the "Shop" store. Lion DiskMaker is free and the basic script is easily accessible if you want to change it. If the application has been helpful, you can still donate to Guillaume Gete, the author.

Apple blocks the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia

As reported by Bloomberg, Apple's lawyers have obtained justice that the Australian release of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 be postponed until the trial between the two companies in the United States for patent infringement and models were not set. Apple got the injunction after the announcement by Samsung for ten days as the launch of the tablet was imminent in Australia. This is the first time a product is locked Android following a court decision, while as pointed Florian Mueller, Apple and Samsung are competing in 11 classes from 9 countries on 4 continents. According to Apple, the Galaxy Tab violated ten of its models and patents, including one on the touch technologies: to limit the scope of marketing of the tablet to limit potential losses to Apple because of this trespass Industrial. Apple's lawyers said they were ready to reiterate this demand in other countries where Samsung had launched its tablet, without specifying which ones. The thing was done in the rules and the two companies agreed on a Memorandum: Samsung cannot sell or even advertise the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia until the situation is not resolved in the U.S. If Apple were to lose his U.S. trial, the Samsung agrees to indemnify for losses estimated following the withdrawal. Samsung told Apple three copies of the Australian version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for expertise: the Korean company does not defend the American model and hopes to pass between the drops with a local version, revised, which would be complicated to seen patents and models involved. The next hearing was set for Aug. 29 by the judge responsible for the file: this will be to review the first decision and set a date for a possible local trial. Meanwhile in Taoyuan, Peter Chou, HTC's CEO, wanted to reassure investors after the adverse decision of the ITC in the lawsuit pending against Apple. He tried to downplay the decision by U.S. authorities: they say that HTC has certainly violated two patents from Apple, but this would be a "distraction" no possible impact on the activity of HTC as Chou. The CEO of HTC has finally reaffirmed the strategic acquisition of S3 Graphics: its patent portfolio could be a bargaining.